Thank you very much for the information! Could I ask for a speaker component price breakdown in the event I wish to purchase Mains, Surrounds, Sub and Center channels separately to budget? I would also like to ask you if my Sony DB940 will suffice to power these speakers. The receiver has its strong points and bad points, the strong points being a strong 110Wx2 - 100Wx5 amplifier, good DTS and tons of DSP sound fields to play w/. Weak points being discerning audible hiss at max volume when DVD or CD is paused on some units (s/n ratio apparently changes on defective units, but I just found this out today and haven't tested my own yet) and amplifier faulting a bit after about 1 o'clock (front channels become hard and edgy), which realistically can't be used outside of being isolated in the wilderness w/out neighbors anyhow. Eventually I will probably get a better tuner, but its not a bad tuner by practical measures and all I probably need to do is tweak the soundfields, channel dbs etc... I also have Toshiba PScan DVD player to take advantage of the 1600 horizontal lines of resolution capabilty the 65H81 offers, well at least 540x2 w/out using the line doubler. The TV has 3/2 pulldown and sports a superior picture in my opinion as far as rear projection sets go outside of Pioneer Elites, which I couldn't afford. Wonder what kind of tuner would be great to power these speakers say around the 1 - 2k range???

In closing I would like to ask for individual Epic 80 speaker price breakdown if I may, recommendations concerning an excellant receiver/tuner for these speakers and lastly I would like to gather your thoughts concerning last years model Bose701's for grins, before an internal amplifier was integrated and before they sacrificed their previous contemporary looks and styling. Guess the new ones have a bit more base. One thing I can say for Bose is that they are the experts on Base reflex technology and they do have the only patent on (5) speaker surround for conversion of any media source to (5) channels, which in a effect is nothing more than modifying the original sound format similair to simulating various DSP sound fields (a feature, ha ha). I actually like the capability to modify sound from its original format to suit the environment and/or mood, but most true audiophiles seem to hate tarnishing the original sound source...

If you do not wish to voice your opinion or comment outside of speaker prouducts and pricing, I fully understand.

Thank you,
David Laraman