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#238534 - 01/06/09 05:14 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: RickF]
Ya_basta Offline

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Has anyone mentioned that Axiom makes fantastic sounding speakers? \:\)
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#238535 - 01/06/09 05:15 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: Ya_basta]
jakewash Offline
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They do what? I can't hear you. My M80's are possibly a little too loud, speak up.


#238555 - 01/06/09 06:13 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: jakewash]
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'cmon Bob, join us. Your not a true Axiomite until you hijack your own thread! \:D

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#238566 - 01/06/09 07:09 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: fredk]
FordPrefect Offline

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Great question, sorry it took me so long to get to the party.

I first became aware of Axioms in the late 90’s when a local store was selling Epic Micros

I remember listening to a demo of them and being totally blown away by the QS2s, not so much by the sound, as the demo was pretty terrible, but by the concept of having 4 speakers in such a tiny package. I left the store without buying regret by the way as I wish I owned a set of these miniature marvels)

In early 2000 I went into Toronto and auditioned a set of M3s. I loved them, the sound and the “look” was what I wanted.

Retired from work in 2004 and got a set of cherry M60s (I seem to be immune to the M80 chants), VP150 and QS8s. The decision was an easy one, I liked the product and after contacting Axiom on numerous occasions prior to the purchase I liked the “feel” of the place. My gut told me I was dealing with a quality product sold by quality people; time has proven that last statement to ring true.

In May 2004 I purchased Cherry Chestnut Semi Gloss M3s for my stereo setup, followed by the EP350 and VP150 (also in CCSG) in June. In late August I ordered the stands for the QS8s. All the CCSG purchases were from the Owners Club and look stunning and saved me quite a bit of money.

I have picked up each purchase at Axiom (now 4 visits) and must strongly recommend a trip there to anyone who is in the area. In my case it’s a bit less that a 3 hour drive and well worth the time and the 407 fee.)

I love the look of the Cherry Chestnut Semi Gloss finish so much that I will be also replacing my M60s and QS8s. Not sure what the M60s will be replaced with as my life now is in “total change mode”. I do know however that it will be an Axiom product.

So the short answer to “why Axioms?” would have to be “the QS series of speakers” That’s what initially attracted me. Now the answer to “why continue with Axiom?” well I think anyone who has been here for a while knows how to answer that one.

Oh yes, the quality of the forum members, both their advice and sense of humour is also a plus for me.
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#238587 - 01/06/09 11:11 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: FordPrefect]
edmondwolfman Offline

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With the 30 day in home trial I didn't really think of it as "buying" speakers without hearing them. I got to hear them in my own setting for 4 weeks and could have sent them back if I hadn't been sold on them. I don't consider listening to speakers at a store really listening to speakers because pretty much everything will be different than your setup at home.

As far as the forum members here go, they are too damn nice. I have to go over the avforum occasionally to get abused and defiled
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#238589 - 01/06/09 11:13 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: edmondwolfman]
BoB/335 Offline

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So how many other 30 day home trial speakers did you try in your own listening enviroment?

#238590 - 01/06/09 11:16 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: edmondwolfman]
CV Offline
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 Originally Posted By: edmondwolfman
As far as the forum members here go, they are too damn nice. I have to go over the avforum occasionally to get abused and defiled

Maybe if I hang out over there I won't feel like I need a girlfriend.

#238611 - 01/07/09 12:30 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: CV]
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So in the interest of keeping this thread going a little longer, have I asked anyone here if they had compared the M80 to Energy RC-70's?

#238614 - 01/07/09 12:53 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: CV]
Worfzara Offline

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The 1st reason I bought Axiom’s is because they were the first speaker I ever owned. That was back before the internet, before home theater, and even before the compact disk. I bought a pair of Axiom AX2,s in 1986 with money I had earned from my paper route. I had them till 1994 when I moved to a 5.1 Kef system. The Axiom’s weren’t shielded and the local dealer that used to sell Axiom went out of business. My brother still owns my old AX’2s and they sound as good today as they did the day I bought them.

The 2nd reason I bought Axioms is because of Alan Loft. I remember reading many of his articles in audio magazines in the 80’s. I remember one of my favorites was about the merits of exotic speaker wire. The conclusion was that in double blind tests there was no sound improvement to be heard. I thought that was interesting considering I was seeing ads for many very expensive speaker wire promising huge improvements. This showed me that Alan is a man of integrity and truth. When I found he was endorsing Axiom, I was, to say the least, impressed. Then one day I called the Axiom 1 800 number for advise, and I got Alan on the phone. We talked for about an hour. It was great. I was sold.

The 3rd reason is price. I did the rounds before I went to the factory in Dwight, Ontario. I listened to B&W, KEF, Paradigm, Tannoy, Totem, Mirage, etc. I found that all of these makes had great speakers, some I really liked, except I would be spending over three grand just for the two towers, I still had to buy a sub, surrounds, and a center. That would have been well over six grand (for the record, I really liked the B&W 700 series). I just couldn’t justify the expense.

I love the sound of my M80’s, and I would put my EP500 up against just about any sub on the market at any price (except the EP600). And the QS8’s are a dream! I got the whole system for under 3 grand at the time (discount for factory seconds, second discount for picking up at the factory).

Today I spread the gospel of Axiom where ever I go!


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#238615 - 01/07/09 12:56 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: BoB/335]
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Bob, the Energy Veritas are the line most comparable in sound to the M80s, not in $$ however. I went to check out the Rc-70s a few weeks ago, but ran into the same problem you had mentioned somewhere....namely speakers were all lined up, on display, with many not wired up ect. and little help from sales staff. I'll try another shop. Those 70s were going for a decent price recently at Future Shop here, I checked their web an hour ago, they hiked the price back up.
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