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#243599 - 01/29/09 03:31 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: a-rone]
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Axiom introduces new products through their "owner's club" so the information, altough not "secret", is not directly available to everyone until they officially launches the products.
Most of the time, you can guess the web-page based on the other lines. Ex: for the product you mentionned.
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#243600 - 01/29/09 03:32 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: Wid]
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So it's pretty much a sealed EP600 w/ two drivers. That sounds awesome I'm sure it will be very impressive indeed. I'll keep checking the EP800 threads for pics of them out of the boxes.

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#243612 - 01/29/09 04:20 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: Wid]
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 Originally Posted By: wid
The EP800 has the same cabinet as the EP800, but has two drivers and no port.

I'm sure Peter meant the same cabinet size of the EP600.

I'd agree with you Rick. However, we should award points to Pete for being absolutely correct though!

#243613 - 01/29/09 04:21 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: Ray3]
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This is true Ray \:\)

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#243625 - 01/29/09 04:51 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: Wid]
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#243661 - 01/29/09 08:39 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: pmbuko]
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See, you still have that whole redundancy thing working. Working.

#244012 - 01/31/09 04:17 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: tomtuttle]
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 Originally Posted By: tomtuttle
Bob, it appears that on at least two occasions in this thread you publicly quoted Craig's private emails to you. Personally, I find that lapse of etiquette offensive. Furthermore, your assertion that MLS is not doing everything possible to salvage his business lacks plausible motivation.

I posted the following and then deleted it figuring I would wait for a response from an email I sent Craig. I'm guessing he's either too busy or cares to ignore my email. Doesn't much matter to me. Either way I see nothing wrong with posting that email correspondance. I could have referred to it and said that Craig no longer agrees with HIS review that has been so widely linked to at several forums I have been on. I believe that reply by me would have been incomplete and possibly inaccurate. I tend to copy an paste quotes rather than put words in people's mouths. Sorry if some of you don't agree with that method. I would advise those NOT to send me any emails. \:\)

So here is my post that I deleted:

This very well may be my last post here. I certainly don't need anymore crap in my life than I already have. Spending way too much time here anyway.

The original poster mentioned his interest in AV123 products and Axiom. My email with Craig would have been on another public forum where he had an intensive review and a thoroughly interactive discussion had he STILL been active in that forum. I was directed to his new company forum. My question didn't seem relevant there so I emailed him the same question I would have posted to the other public forum that he no longer participated in. His answer seemed very much as honest as an answer that I would have expected him to give had it been on that forum. My follow-up and his answer was every bit as much as it would have been on a public forum. I thought my questions and his answers were relevant to the discussion at the beginning of this thread. I also believe that the discussion of this thread overall was directed at the differences between dealing with 2 completely different philosophies of running a company. I don't believe I in no way offended Craig at any time nor did I divulge any private conversations that should have stayed private. Obviously, no one else pointed out that being a problem for them. I will however email Craig and apologize to him for not asking his permission to share his continued findings with his initial review.

I do not know MLS and can not comment on his personal life and relationships. He is probably a really nice guy. However I certainly would never allow the kind of time to go by that he has without making things right or at least better. If I had had any personal dealings with that company and had the kind of problems that I have read so much about, I would never hesitate to share those experiences with anyone inquiring about that company or any company for that matter. The OP has a right to know what he may be in for and I have the right to let someone know to check out the discussions of another forum to see if there is any basis to these problems. Anyone here has the right to disagree with that decision. ( and I just happened upon a thread that was for me ANOTHER example of the problems over there.) Tell me that I made an issue of a single incident. I simply can not believe how many different threads on that site are talking about different problems. It's overwhelming! And then the owner comes on with sob stories over and over. Well that's the way I see it.

I can't believe how I managed to allow myself to get dragged into something like this. Best for me to stay away from these things and just sit in the background reading.

Thanks to all of you that gave me "patient" advice so many times! I will PM when I receive my speakers. Sorry to those of you I have offended in this thread and sorry for this long rant.
So sorry to bring this back up at this late date but I did email Craig and was waiting to hear back before posting.

As far as my order goes, it's suppose to be shipped out Feb 1. Doubt if they ship on Sundays so it should be going out early next week. Haven't heard anything. Maybe I should change my EP350 to an EP500??????????

#244013 - 01/31/09 04:23 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: BoB/335]
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Here is where you belong Bob!

Glad to see you posting again. I hope it continues!
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#244014 - 01/31/09 04:41 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: BoB/335]
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Bob, stick around, If you don't post a review and pictures of your speakers we will have to track you down anyway. \:\)
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#244017 - 01/31/09 05:28 PM Re: Axiom vs. av123's Rockets [Re: BoB/335]
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 Originally Posted By: BoB/335
Maybe I should change my EP350 to an EP500??????????

I think you should go ahead and rescind that order on the EP350 and slap an 800 in that room of yours Bob, that's what I'd do ... yep. \:\)

Oh and BTW Bob, pictures are a prerequisite for the forum whenever new speakers are received, otherwise Axiom tacks another 7.5% onto your order. Look it up, it's there in the FAQs.

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