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#269794 - 08/18/09 11:32 PM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: Adrian]
SolidState Offline

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I cleaned the friggin room up as it was outrageous... LOL

After that job I'm to tired to pull apart the left speaker to show it's insides...

Here are some photos of the changes. I placed the speakers on cinder blocks as you can see. I also removed a component from the rack. Do any of you know what it was? Actually two items...

By the way they do sound better. I'm going to add some more poly and pull the crossover out and give it a good look over. I really believe some better caps and inductors will make a difference.


PS DOH! I can't see a finger spot on the A1400-8 Better buff that up some more

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#269811 - 08/19/09 07:17 AM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: SolidState]
davidsch Offline

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The room is looking good now! I'm glad that your tweaks have helped you to enjoy your system more.

#269813 - 08/19/09 07:31 AM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: SolidState]
Ajax Offline

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Room looks great. The view is stunningly tranquil and soothing. Paint the cinder blocks flat black, and they'll be less noticeable.

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#269826 - 08/19/09 11:31 AM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: Ajax]
michael_d Offline

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Thanks for posting the pictures of the speaker cabinet. That looks to me like someone on the assembly line was having a bad day. The bracing was cocked when they applied pressure to set the glue. I don’t think they tried to fill the gaps with more glue, but just screwed up getting the pieces aligned correctly. I’m pretty surprised QC didn’t catch that. Some leak out and runs are to be expected, but the gaps are unacceptable – in my opinion anyway. I’d send the pictures directly to Ian as I’m sure he’d want to know about this. I sure as hell would if it was my company. Someone in QC would be getting an ass chewing as well.

........the room looks great; now.

#269836 - 08/19/09 01:51 PM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: michael_d]
pmbuko Offline
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Was that a Factory Outlet speaker? If so, that might explain the defects.
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#269842 - 08/19/09 03:03 PM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: pmbuko]
SolidState Offline

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Posts: 124
Factory Outlet? No, as you can see it's a custom glossy cherry finish and we waited 8 weeks for delivery...

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#269844 - 08/19/09 03:18 PM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: SolidState]
Adrian Offline

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Technically there is 5 yr warranty on them, I'm not sure if that's just the drivers/crossovers or how that works...before you start making changes to them and voiding your warranty, what has Axiom said? Give them a chance to make things satisfactory.
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#269847 - 08/19/09 03:32 PM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: Adrian]
SolidState Offline

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I have no intent to change them in any way. I just wanted to get a look at them to make a schematic. I do intend to use a proto board though using the exact same schematic just with couple better inductors foil for bass and core for mid/tweet. For caps I just happen to have a bag of Epcos B25839 MKV caps. Very sought after caps and about the best sonically EVER MADE and are EOL \:\(


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#269848 - 08/19/09 03:32 PM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: Adrian]
Gr8_White_North Offline

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Loc: Whitehorse YT
+1 , The exterior is absolutely beautiful, i dont know how someone would spend the time putting that veneer on and not notice the bracing. Good job on the clean up too, your uncle is very fortunate to have such a nice view.Have you had a chance to take a peek inside the other cabinet? I have no doubt axiom will stand behind this obvious mistake.

Oh and the answer is XBOX 360

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#269860 - 08/19/09 06:10 PM Re: Skiing Ninja. Anyone heard of this [Re: Gr8_White_North]
Micah Offline

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The problem with message boards is it is next to impossible to distinguish a guy coming on with a ligitimat complaint from someone coming in here to 'slam' Axiom for no other reason than 'to watch the world burn'! The first few posts looked exactly like the latter of the two, however if your complaints were valid then by all means, this is a place where an intelligent conversation about the pro's and cons of Axiom and their products can be hashed out.

There is a reality that any company who wishes to sell merchandise has to accept... you can't please all the people all of the time... it just can't be done. And with something as insanely 'musical preferences', selling speakers is an even harder job. I would bet my next years salary that if you took every manufacturer that made speakers for less than say $5000 dollars, took apart 100 of each of their speakers & ran them through the 'white glove' inspection you have, every single manufacturer would have at least one bad apple in the batch similar to this one. That's what happens when you switch from 'hand made' (and ultra expensive) speakers to production line speakers, you lose that personal touch and wind up with human error.

The bigger question is, is this something you should expext from $1300 dollar speakers? I say no. Is it something that you could see happening on a production line every now and then by a manufacturer who isn't charging its customers $10,000 dollars for a 'world class' speaker? I'd say yes.

Sure there are trade off's to be expected from a speaker this competetively priced, but over all sound quality isn't something many Axiom customers feel is one of those trade-off's. I'm still a little confused about how the same cross-over components that work so wonderfully in Axiom's lower line speakers, manage to fail so misserably in the M80's???

And I will simply have to respectfully disagree with the comments on noticable tonal shifts during off-axis listening. After reading about this phenomenon I got up out of my chair and walked all over my living room and was laughing tears because I was so shocked at how great they sounded from any angle I could get myself from them. Maybe if I used a microphone and some hi-tech equipment to measure the audio performance I would see what your talking about. But my ears love the way they sound.

And that's all that matters to me! I hope you can find a remedy for the faults you have found in your uncles speakers.

P.S. (Oh and one more thing that sort of peaved me in the beginning... Solid State you came on here blabbing about all these 'big names' in the industry who simply couldn't understand why Axiom would design their speakers the way they did with the dual tweeters and such. This seemed to be a mirror of the Skiing Ninja's diagnosis of why the M80's sound so horrendous. Well I'm sure people with those credentials could easily pick apart any speaker design that costs less than $15,000 dollars or so. But what I fail to understand is the point of that arguement??? Axiom itself sells a restrictor for the M80 if you don't like running both tweeters. Then again you could just trade them in for M60's and be done with it. But trashing the design of a speaker on a board filled with people who love the design isn't the best way to make friends. It would be no different than me getting on the Salk board and exlaiming, "hey so-and-so from Dolby labratories told me the design of the Song Towers is ridiculous"!!! By doing so I would totally expect the same reception that you received here. By all means you are welcome to your opinions. For instance I wouldn't expect such a harsh reaction if I got on the Salk board and said, "you know to me the M80's sound a little more clean than the Song Towers do". I would expect most to disagree with that comment on that board, but not so much hostility. But going to someone else's house [getting on this board is sort of like stepping into my home] and exclaiming, "your speaker is a joke" is for all intents and purposes... 'needless'. If you don't like that particular design then you don't have to buy it. Your uncle included. For those of us that have purchased the M80's and love the design, what good is throwing a bunch of jibberish about how bad this big wig or that audio guru considers them to be at us??? I for one am not going to change my opinion on them based on what anyone else says about them no matter who they may or may not be. So for future sake I'll just say you will find us a lot more accepting if you keep your complaints more civil. I really don't mind differences of opinions, in fact I seek them. I find it fascinating to hear all opinions on matters that interest me. But that seems more like speading hate than stating a difference of opinion. Maybe I'm alone in thinking that I don't know, that's just the way I feel about it. Carry on).

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