OK, I think I have decided to opt for the Axiom quadpoles as surrounds, but cannot decide between the QS4's and the QS8's. I would go for the 8's in spite of the extra cost because I assume they sound better, but for one thing. I have to place these speakers on walls very near my ceiling. I cannot alter this placement due to insurmountable WAF issues. The placement are is bounded on the bottom by a curtain rod and on the top by the ceiling. Problem is, where I would have to place the QS8's, they will be 1.5 inches from the ceiling at top. Since these are top firing (woofs fire from top and bottom), I am wondering if that is a problem if the sound from the top woof collides with the ceiling 1.5 inchs out. With the 4's, it would be 4 inches from the ceiling because those speakers are smaller. My understanding is that with multipolar speakers, the sound is supposed to reflect off surfaces, but is this nearness to the ceiling a problem? Clearly if it was flush up against the ceiling it *would* be, but what about 1-4 inches away?