I have a HSU STF3 on the way so, low end is handled. My current room is NOT my ideal home theater room -- I also have little kids and want to keep everything out of reach. (I've had woofers pushed in on anything the tikes could reach).

I have the VP150 on top of the entertainment cabinet and wanted (and currently have) the M2i's in the front mounted slightly above (2-3 feet) and behind (1.5 feet).

Again, I know tweeter alignment is the best, ear level, etc. The requirements I have to work in superscede that. Any tips on different "tricks" I can do to increase the overall front soundstage?

The room is TERRIBLE. Its one of those cathedral ceiling, great room opening into the kitchen/dining area deals. But.... thats where I'm at! Not possible to say to wifey "Oh, remember those speakers you let me buy? I need to get one more thing... a house that they can work best in."

Not happenin yet!