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#30932 - 01/19/04 01:32 PM Re: Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
sidvicious02 Offline

Registered: 05/09/03
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I'll throw my $0.02 in and then gently back away from the conversation. I'm am a proponent of clean-air regulations and some of the other environmental initiatives different groups have undertaken. I agree that there is no reason people need to drive gas-guzzling SUVs or sports cars.

However my support for the left-wing environmentalists stops when it comes to agricultural issues. They are so backwards it really is laughable. For the most part, these are the same people that support "organic" food in the belief that it's healthier for humans (despite having no credible scientific backing) and it will save the environment. What these people don't realise is that "organic" farming is not sustainable. When so much of the world is under-nurioused/starving, we should be doing as much as humanly (or humanely) possible to increase food production in the world. However, supporting organic means of farming means reducing crop yields by at least 50%! Not to mention the disease problems that would run rampant. To make up for the drop in production from world-wide organic farming, we'd have to tear up every last inch of arable land in the world. That would destroy thousands of species of wildlife and vegetation, and would in fact destroy the world. Starvation would be worse than it is now because foodstuffs would become too expensive for all but the richest countries. It is just so ironic that the one thing that the environmentalist agendas push (organic farming) is the one thing that could ultimately lead the world into ruin.

And don't even get me started on the GMO/nonGMO debate....
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#30933 - 01/19/04 01:47 PM Re: Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Ken.C Offline
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I think that I agree with everything you just said, sid. I do eat organic vegetables, but pretty much the only reason is that I can get them delivered to my house so I don't have to go to the grocery store :-)

As a person with a (bachelors) degree in Molecular/Cellular Biology, I also don't want to get started on the GMO/nonGMO debate.
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#30934 - 01/19/04 02:15 PM Re: Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
spiffnme Offline

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OK...not sure how my new amp thread turned in this direction...

How about taking this new topic to this thread. I created this thread for just these kinds of topics.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I should have a new amp this week. I'll keep you updated.
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