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#322449 - 09/14/10 07:16 PM Re: 30 Yr Anniversary Celebration: The AfterMath [Re: real80sman]
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Originally Posted By: real80sman
Wadya say Fred? grin

Hey Shawn. Fully recovered yet? Your hair sure looks a lot longer and fuzzier when I'm sober.

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#322466 - 09/14/10 08:27 PM Re: 30 Yr Anniversary Celebration: The AfterMath [Re: fredk]
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Originally Posted By: fredk
Originally Posted By: Dr.House
Hey fredk, the blind listening test sounded like fun. Do you know if a speaker shuffler was used?

Is there any set of measurements on that B&W speaker, which one is it? It would be interesting to note if the idea of "preferred sound is scientifically measurable" help up in this blind listening test.

I plan to start up another thread to put up my thoughts on the listening test.

On the measurements, I think Ian put it very well during the talk on the VP180 when he said that measurements are absolutely essential to proper speaker design, but they only get you so far. You would need a full family of measurements and probably some knowledge of how things might show up to make any sense of anything. Honestly, I have no idea how the differences between the two speakers might show up.

Good stuff. Floyd Toole goes into great lengths in his book discussing and explaining this very thing if you are interested. I'm sure you discussed sound power and such. cool
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#322491 - 09/14/10 10:42 PM Re: 30 Yr Anniversary Celebration: The AfterMath [Re: bridgman]
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Originally Posted By: bridgman
I was kinda thinking of something closer to Sirquack and dllewel a401classic (mid-westy-southy) [That's New Orleans, y'all] and we get enough snow to watch melt

Just a suggestion. I mean, can y'all see Mary on Bourbon Street?
laugh wink



#322498 - 09/14/10 10:55 PM Re: 30 Yr Anniversary Celebration: The AfterMath [Re: a401classic]
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No. Why, is she there? And she didn't invite us!

Blujays1: Spending Fred's money one bottle at a time, no two... Oh crap!

#322521 - 09/15/10 12:05 AM Re: 30 Yr Anniversary Celebration: The AfterMath [Re: fredk]
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Chapter 2: The Afternoon Blurs to Evening

And I say blur because my week started the previous Saturday. After working 67 hours in 5 days, flying 2500 km, arriving at midnight, staying up till 2am visiting (and sipping a few brew including the aforementioned Lowenbrau), then having Peter wake me up with a most disturbing sound the next morning from 80 km away…I was mentally shot.
The afternoon on the deck could have easily turned into a 22 hour siesta and the boys could have laid me out in a ditch halfway to Ottawa with me being none the wiser. On the upside Doug Schneider (from may have spotted me on his way down to the Axiom bash but whether he had enough sympathy to pick me up, who is to say?

But, we trudged onto dinner as I gained my second wind.
It could also have been the cool fall north wind breezing up my left short pant leg so I switched to pants for dinner.

Friday night dinner was cordial. There was superbly fine deep fried food (pickles, perogies, potato skins, and some kind of spring roll that I never did take the gamble tasting, although the boys at the end of the table did and I’m glad I was in a solo room that night). Most people moved around the room, hand shaking and trying to figure out who was really who.
Then, things turned colourful.
BobK was apparently forced at gunpoint to turn our quiet start into the opening of an AA meeting (Axiomites Anonymous). It always gives you that standing in front of a large crowd at the national gathering of the Mickey Mouse Club feeling.
Hi I’m Charlie…I’m Jimmy… I’m Timmy…I’m Bob and I’m one cute and funny little bunny… (BobH that is, not BobK…he’s just plain funny and he will comment on his own fuzzyness if he wants to).

After the round table intros that almost left out Andrew Parker and both his brothers (I thought at one point the Wheelz family and Parker bros. were going to rumble in the parking lot…jus kiddin), it was about that point where people realized the only women to attend this gig were Axiom employees and Cam’s entourage.
Very quickly the tone of the meeting turned into a 10th anniversary flip book of Where’s Waldo except with the subject of Where’s Sonic?

Hey where is Sonic?
-Isn’t Sonic here yet?
--Is that girl at the bar Sonic?
---Does anyone have Sonic’s number?
----Jack don’t you know Sonic?
-----I think MarkSJohnson has Sonic’s contact info?
------Should someone PM Sonic?
-------Maybe Sonic is reading the forums. Someone post to Sonic.
--------Ian must have Sonic’s number. She bought stuff from his company.
---------Ask Ian where Sonic is.
----------Hey, where is Ian?
-----------Isn’t Ian here yet?

Sonic (and CJ) decided to make an Iowa entrance with a Plains, Trains and Automobiles story about her and CJs eventual arrival. It was the clichéd calm before the storm because Sonic and CJ decided to show up late again the next evening and everything just went crazy roller coaster from there. In fact, I’m not sure who got a more boisterous applause when entering the room; Ian or Sonic. What I do know is that Sonic did it twice!!
Lesson learned Ian.
To get a louder applause for your product releases, you must release them much later than anyone expects and do it more than once!

Cheers to Sonic and CJ for making it through the travel ordeal. Personally I just had a Seinfeld moment at the car rental desk for excitement.
“You don’t’ have any midsized cars? But I made a reservation. What’s the point of making the reservation if the car isn’t reserved?”
“You have a good point sir, but all we have are four by fours.”
“You have what other options? A broken down Ford Escape or a Soprano’s Special Edition Denali? Hmm, should I choose 3mpg or 3.25 mpg?”
[I ended up with an Impala and I wasn’t kidding about being offered a Denali]

So where were we?
Oh right, dinner.
There were more potatoes in my fries than Iowa [these references to Iowa kept coming up but I couldn’t recall which state Sonic was actually from. Iowa, Ohio? Some place with a four letter word that didn’t start with F or G.], and there were great battered whitefish (and I’m not talking about the old guys’ at the end of the table who apparently brought their own blenders for their steaks). The main course was tasty, which is more than I can say for Steamwhistle beer. I appreciate that you appreciate that beer Tom, but I appreciated it more when you took the next one that was served to me since I had asked for a Boddington’s.
Way to take one for the team Tom!!
Atta boy!

Did I yet mention that Murph finally showed up? He didn’t get applause. I guess you need to grow some bigger tweeters Murph.
This was really an ironic beginning of the end for me I think but that realization came in a small package…and his name was Murph.

After dinner broke up, it was clear that some people were past weathering the events of the day to the bitter end, so some went to bed (a choice I should have made for my mental health) while some others were gratefully invited over to Jakeman’s pad at yep, another cottage by another lake.
We tend to have a lot of those in Ontario.
God loves us.
Too bad I live in Manitoba. smirk

We pulled into the driveway after a dark and narrow stretch (thanks for believing the speed sign was actually reading 60 kph and not 60 mph Ray) and everyone shuffled inside; all but myself.
The fresh air was inviting.
So was the big bush.
I had a revelation gazing upon the gorgeously clear, unearthly star speckle in the sky while taking a bladder evacuation break beside a silver birch. It was the spooky sounds of tree crashing, no doubt from a porky falling out of a poplar, which snapped me out of the reality that I was urinating uphill while staring awkwardly upward in awe of the universe.
I proceeded to eagerly run inside to tell the city boys of my experience (the sky, not the pee) that if they really wanted a great Canadian outdoors experience, to head onto John’s oversized deck and view the milk in the Milky Way.
That never came out right when I said it to them either.

The only thing missing were some northern lights (Aurora borealis) and they would have experienced a complete day in the Ontario woods (except for lack of meeting a black beer but there were tons of deer). Did I say black beer?
I meant black BEAR.
The boys saw tons of black BEER.

The evening moved onward as Jakeman et. al. placed some new M80 V3s into locales on either side of the fireplace inside his high V peaked ceiling, wood walled interior with a moderate medium pile rug; glass walls to the right and open space to the rear leading to the dining and kitchen areas.
A hard room?
Certainly no different than your average Joe’s place and very similar to the Axiom listening room, albeit much larger.
The sound was excellent.
The music selection well suited and varied.
By far the most impressive was the “Fight Between Bull and Tiger” Chinese drums beating in synchronicity.
I only wish I knew who won. frown

As the night wore on, so did Jack. Something about young pups and whippersnappers followed by the discovery of fire, and then I caught a ride with Ray and J back to the crib for some long required rest. It was on the way out that noticed the rest of the boys headed down into the underbelly of Jakeman’s basement.
I never did hear any stories of what happened…down there…in that room under the cabin, like the one under the Pine Acre cottage at the Lumina Resort that a has a door, covered over by stringy and oversized cobwebs with the rusted title above the door that read: “Caretaker”… (no, i'm not kidding about this either).

Coming next,

Chapter 3:
Saturday’s Are Always Gay
(my grandmother loved that saying and apparently it all rhymes with Ray)

And…pictures of Saturday including a 3+ min video of the band and guest singer from Lowest of the Low if i can get the damn thing loaded up at all
"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."

#322529 - 09/15/10 01:06 AM Re: Attendees; 30 Year Anniversary Celebration [Re: Ya_basta]
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Originally Posted By: wheelz999
What's George's moniker on the forum? We had a couple conversations together and he's a really nice guy.

Thanks Cam, it was great to meet you as well. I normally go by Graeme but I had such a kick out of you calling me George with such conviction I may change it ha-ha. We definitely need to arrange a night out in Peterborough.

One of the highlights for me was Cam signing Chess' Axiom shirt, if the angle was right (well wrong) it was quite the picture.

Like others have said, so many nice people (Real80sman, Fredk, Worfzara, Murph, R Devries) but it was hard to get around to talk to everyone especially with those 8 M80's powered by the 4 A1400's...of course they were worth it though! Wearing my white Axiom golf shirt I got at the 25th threw off the Axiomites as they thought I worked there as most staff wore the same shirt. The Axiom staff were perplexed too so I tried passing off that I was picking up Ian's new equipment for delivery but they caught on wink

Fordprefect and Jakeman really nice to meet you guys and a shame we're so close and haven't met until now. Jakeman if you ever need to find a home for a retired sub let me know smile

Ray and Bobkay you guys were like a live stand up show, Chess you put on your own show too and I must say you only got better with booze. Not often someone can have that much fun (booze) without doing something of regret, or is that just me? I thought for sure you were going to go in the lake at some point ha-ha that would have been good.

I forgot my camera so thanks for everyone posting the pics. The party this time round was a little crazier than the 25th

I ended up leaving very tired around 1am and decided to stop at Casino Rama on the way move as I needed the break and walked out with $300 extra dollars. Some shopping money for the wife after sticking her with the kids most of the weekend = a free pass for me to go out again.

Thanks again to Ian and everyone at Axiom for an awesome time. Much like with everything you guys do in audio and business, you work hard, you plan properly, you treat people well and you have a good time while doing it.
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#322545 - 09/15/10 07:28 AM Re: Attendees; 30 Year Anniversary Celebration [Re: HAY]
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Nice meeting you too, Hay, What subs are you currently using? I always have several around. Let me know when you are coming into Toronto.

#322569 - 09/15/10 10:52 AM Re: Attendees; 30 Year Anniversary Celebration [Re: HAY]
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Originally Posted By: HAY
One of the highlights for me was Cam signing Chess' Axiom shirt, if the angle was right (well wrong) it was quite the picture.

laugh My mind is usually the first the enter the gutter, but I honestly didn't think of that until you mentioned it. I was standing right there as Cam signed the shirt, and Chess was even complaining about weak knees the whole time, too. blush
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#322581 - 09/15/10 11:38 AM Re: Attendees; 30 Year Anniversary Celebration [Re: pmbuko]
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Here's a link to my pictures. They are mostly of me with some of the guys, but I thought you might want to check them out anyway.
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#322584 - 09/15/10 12:04 PM Re: Attendees; 30 Year Anniversary Celebration [Re: sonicfox]
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It is utterly hopeless for me to adequately express the joy and gratitude I continue to feel from this weekend's events.

From my life experiences over the last decade or so - including and especially interactions on this forum - the priceless value of friendship has been repeatedly underscored. There are few activities I find more satisfying and invigorating than making new friends. Consequently, events of the Axiom 30th Anniversary constituted some of the greatest days in my life.

I will attempt in the coming days and weeks to publicly and privately communicate a few observations if I can add value to any of the wonderful, articulate and mostly true stories already being shared.

I am tremendously grateful to all of you who became a slightly larger part of my life this weekend. You are all precious to me, and I am eager for "next time", whenever it comes.
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