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#347937 - 05/11/11 07:39 PM Re: Bin Laden is Dead [Re: pmbuko]
2x6spds Offline

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What's a ball washer?

Is Cam talking about testicles again? What's your preoccupation Cam? Previously, you referred to "tea bagging." I thought that was simply inappropriate, but it appears to be a thread that runs through your commentaries.

Cam, really, keep your sexual preferences and fetishes to yourself. You toss the F-bomb into this forum and then when the grown ups point out that your language is inappropriate, you whine that you are being picking on.

This is a family audio site where, on occasion, we discuss grown up issues, hopefully, like grown-ups. Try to raise your game.

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Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.

#347938 - 05/11/11 07:40 PM Re: Bin Laden is Dead [Re: pmbuko]
Ya_basta Offline

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Peter, I couldn't agree with you more regarding "rising above", but that criticism was a result of a recent jab (and many more) at me in my barbeque thread -
Originally Posted By: 2x6spds
You really lower the level of discourse here, Cam.
, as well as this PM I received from him yesterday morning (titled "Picking on you")- "Yes, Cam, I noticed you waive your pseudo revolutionary beliefs in everything from your user names to your messages. As you know, I find some of your heroes to be mass murderers. People who survived Castro's Cuba have suffered and lost family members to your heroes. So, I poked at you a bit to see what you were about. You obliged.

So, which revolutionary rag of flag are you flying as your avatar today? Is that the PLA flag? The black panther banner? Which enemies of western civilization are you celebrating today?

If you like, we can have our discussions in PMs."

Even though it doesn't bother me one bit, there comes a point where pacifism just ain't gonna cut it (if it's not my words, it's my footrests breaking shins). We all have a boiling point.

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#347994 - 05/12/11 01:54 PM Re: Bin Laden is Dead [Re: 2x6spds]
pmbuko Offline
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2x6, have you read McCain's article on this whole thing? He discusses many of the points we've been going over here.
I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.

#348017 - 05/12/11 06:31 PM Re: Bin Laden is Dead [Re: pmbuko]
2x6spds Offline

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Loc: CA, USA
Yes, I am aware of McCain's position, and it is understandable given the fact that he was tortured terribly by the North Vietnamese.

Don't forget that the Vietnamese did not torture McCain for the purpose of extracting information. They tortured him over a long period of time to punish him, to hurt him and to inflict permanent injury. There can be no moral justification for what they did to him.

The torture that the N. Vietnamese communists inflicted on our servicemen did not raise any ethical dilemma. It was clearly and completely criminal and unethical.

The scenarios we are discussing here are very different and much more difficult to resolve ethically.

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Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.

#348112 - 05/14/11 10:53 AM Re: Debbie Does Abbottabad [Re: 2x6spds]
BlueJays1 Offline

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In the latest saga surrounding OBL, Navy Seals confiscate and I quote "a massive cache" of pornography from the compound where OBL was living.

I’m armed and I’m drinking. You don’t want to listen to advice from me, amigo.

-Max Payne

#348132 - 05/14/11 02:11 PM Re: Debbie Does Abbottabad [Re: BlueJays1]
Adrian Offline

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That doesn't surprise me in the least. Many of the 9/11 terrorists spent their last days with hookers and strippers.
Half of communication is listening. You can't listen with your mouth.

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