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#35533 - 03/01/04 11:53 AM Suggestions for budget
troystu Offline

Registered: 02/29/04
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I am new and just learning about home theater as I prepare to build a dedicated home theater in my basement - about 80% HT and 20% music.
The room size is 18'x 15'. I have decided to purchase a STF-2 sub and have about $1,200 left in the budget for the speakers. I am looking for recommendations. I have narrowed down to Axiom, HTD or Aperion. Any thoughts on the comparison on those 3 for those that may have considered the other 2? For Axiom, based on my budget, I am considering factory outlet. My first choice would be 60/vp-150/QS-8, but budget won't allow. Where would you drop down to make it into the budget. What piece is most critical - do I drop down to 50/vp150/qs8 or keep the 60's and go to vp100 and qs4? Thanks!

#35534 - 03/01/04 12:52 PM Re: Suggestions for budget
Michael_A Offline

Registered: 02/07/04
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I'de keep the 60s and go with the VP100/QS4 but that is a tough call.

You said your budget has "about" $1200 in it. I'm not sure if you know, but if you order the 5 speakers at one time, you get an additional "system discount". I think it was about $80 off. M60/VP150/QS8 was $1563 total, which is not too far out of your ballpark. If you go factory outlet, you're even closer because you get both discounts.

Maybe you can barter with the wife and drop a few nights out over the next few months. Heaven forbid, you could ask her to buy 3 less pairs of shoes this summer...

Hehe.. Just trying to start trouble };>
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#35535 - 03/01/04 01:30 PM Re: Suggestions for budget
austinbirdman Offline

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Consider M60s with 3 M2is as a center and 2 surrounds and you will get in under your $1200 budget. This would accomplish the HT well and give you something to play around with Hi-Rez or 5.1 audio.

If you can't fit a vertical M2i in your center-channel location, you'll have to go over budget ... UNLESS you go with M22-mains. This would be a great HT route with really nice musical options: M22s/VP-150/QS8s and it gets you in easily under your threshold.

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#35536 - 03/01/04 02:03 PM Re: Suggestions for budget
Ray3 Offline

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Loc: Rochester, NY
Just to add a bit of complexity for you....

I don't know if you have called the good folks at Axiom yet, but you should. They will be of great assistance to you.

If, as I suspect, the M22s are adequate for your room size (having a sub is required with these), you get some serious savings. Don't forget to add in the stands for these things. Price is around $500 for M22s/stands.

The VP100 is an excellent speaker in it's own right. It suffers only in comparison to the VP150. The 150 is a "nice to have", not a requirement. VP100 price = $220.

The QS8s are the way to go. They are just excellent. Price = $470.

There is a 5% discount for ordering 5 or more pieces.

There is an additional 5% discount available if you waive the 30 day return privilege (ask when you call)

For new speakers (w/M22s), the total price is $1190.
- $1130 w/ 5 piece discount
- $1071 w/ 5 piece discount and waiver of the 30 day return option
( - $1341 if you substitue the M60s and use both discounts.)

$140 over budget is a couple of dinners out. Pretty good trade off.

Let's go to the outlet and use the M60s in the mix:
For outlet speakers, WITH the M60s the total price is $1341.
- $1274 w/ 5 piece discount
- $1207 w/ 5 piece discount and waiver of the 30 day return option (IF YOU GET THIS DISCOUNT W/OUTLET SPEAKERS)

Your trade off is closer to budget = longer wait for outlet speakers.

This at least gives you something to work with. Try and balace the improved performance, elimination of "what if" thoughts for years to come and the ongoing enjoyment these speakers will provide over the years. An extra $140 doesn't sound like much.

Whatever you decide, good luck with the speakers.


#35537 - 03/01/04 02:12 PM Re: Suggestions for budget
smoovranger Offline

Registered: 01/13/04
Posts: 34
And don't worry about the quality of the Outlet. I picked up M22/150 from the Outlet with absolutely no problems.

#35538 - 03/01/04 02:21 PM Re: Suggestions for budget
JSkip Offline

Registered: 01/30/04
Posts: 193
Loc: New Jersey
I didn't know about the 5% discount available for waiving the 30 day return. I don't know if I would have done that, but it would have been nice to know.

#35539 - 03/01/04 03:28 PM Re: Suggestions for budget
James_T Offline

Registered: 02/03/04
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Loc: Seattle WA
I think Ray deserves a hand for taking the effort and being so helpful! Wow. Nice work Ray.

Oh, and I have the M22s with VP150 and QS8s (+ sub) and like them more and more. Others have said they listen to music more since getting the Axioms. I have the klipsch promedia 4.1 speakers for my PC and the sound was/is really nice, but I now listen to music on my stereo with the axioms instead as it sounds much better.

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#35540 - 03/01/04 03:47 PM Re: Suggestions for budget
Ray3 Offline

Registered: 02/02/04
Posts: 2854
Loc: Rochester, NY
Thanks JamesR; I took a vacation day today and had a little extra time.

As far as the 5% for a waiver of the 30 day return goes, Joe told me about it when I was in the middle of my decision making phase. He went on to say that it usually doesn't come up when placing the order, but is available if requested. Personally, I opted to retain the right.

#35541 - 03/01/04 04:38 PM Re: Suggestions for budget
snippy Offline

Registered: 09/11/03
Posts: 427
Loc: San Luis Obispo, CA
When I bought my speakers, I was low on cash so I slowly purchased them. I bought my VP150 in June 2002, Got M22's for my birthday in August 2002 and then got Qs4's in September 2002. I later bought a new 6.1 receiver and then traded my 2 QS4's for 3 Qs8's.

It is not that difficult to wait until you have a little more money to buy the right system. If you need some more time to purchase what you want, take more time. Buy M60's if you have the space for them and then later get QS8's, then even later get the VP150. That way, you will not have buyers remorse. You do not necessarily need to buy everything at one time.

Doing this does cause you to lose the 5% off, however, so make sure to take that into account when making your decision


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