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cool, let us know how they do with the XPA 5. I've read that is a pretty ballsy amp.

I have a 7.1 kit using XPA-5 and UPA-2. I have a pair of QS8 on the UPA, and drive the M80,VP180,2xQS8 on the XPA-5. It's wonderful and can sing very loud. My UPA-2 was not really necessary, I could have use my PIO's internal amp for surrounds.

I think my M80 sounded better when I hooked them to the Behringer EP2500 power amp. Even tried my M22 on it at that time! smile

I would have to hook back the Behringer to test it. From what I recall there was a huge difference. But it's a few years back, I would need to test it again.
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