Haven't been around a lot lately, but I try to stop in every once and a while to see what's shaking. Saw this post and couldn't miss the chance to go down memory lane (at least what's left of it). So, here are all the shows that I can recall:

Grateful Dead (6X) – Opening acts: CSN, Little Feet, Los Lobos (forget the rest)
The Dead (post-Jerry)
CSN (2X)
Pink Floyd
Paul McCartney
Stevie Ray Vaughn & Joe Cocker
REM (2X)
Eric Clapton
Dave Matthew’s Band
REO Speedwagon
Berlin & Asia
Styx & Journey
James Taylor
Psychadelic Furs
Duran Duran (2X)
Mighty Mighty Bostones
Living Color
10,000 Maniacs
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Phish (2X)
Jimmie Buffet
Stevie Nicks
Monsters of Rock (Ozzy & Rob Zombie included)
Miami Sound Machine (very young kid w/ parents) – flame-suit on
Thanks to Gravity & Percy Hill (Local College Bands)