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#52125 - 07/14/04 09:40 AM Re: here is my image
alan Offline


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Hi animate,

Looking at your photo, there is no question that the wall surfaces and reflections in the alcove where the center and the TV are placed are changing the timbral (tonal) balance of the Vp150 and inhibiting clarity.

The alcoves with the M22ti's may be having similar effects, increasing the disparity in tonal balance between the center speaker and the mains. Do you have some sort of support you could use as a temporary stand to put the VP150 on below the TV screen (and in front) to remove the alcove influence from the center?

Once you've tried that, then you can see if the tonal match and intelligibility is better. You can decide on a different setup that would not place the three front speakers in the alcoves.
Try moving the M22ti's farther apart, perhaps putting them in the center of the left and right alcoves and toeing them in a bit towards the listening position.

There may be options with stands and/or wall-mounting that could largely eliminate the problems you're having.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)

#52126 - 07/14/04 12:14 PM Re: here is my image
Ajax Offline

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I used to have my VP150 on a shelf suspended just under the TV. As you can see, I put it on a short stand, moved it forward out of the little alcove beneath the TV some, and flipped it over so it's aiming slightly upward toward my ears. Much mo' betta'. I'd actually like to get it out of the alcove even more, and sometines I do pull it a bit more forward, and adjust the distance and volume in my receiver's menu.


"People generally quarrel because they cannot argue." - G. K. Chesterton

#52127 - 07/14/04 01:05 PM Re: here is my image
bigjohn Offline

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jack- were you watching 'ROCKSTAR'??


i dont know if its just me, but everytime i watch that movie, i always see dirk diggler as the lead singer.. i think its the leather pants


#52128 - 07/14/04 01:30 PM Re: here is my image
animate_animate Offline

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thank you very much Alan!!! I will folow you advise this coming weekend . It sounds like a great idea.
Thank you very much everybody for the helpfull tips you gave me!!!

#52129 - 07/14/04 02:19 PM Re: here is my image
Ajax Offline

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Nah That's a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert that was being broadcast in Hi Def (not live, I assume) on INHD.

"People generally quarrel because they cannot argue." - G. K. Chesterton

#52130 - 07/15/04 04:14 PM Re: movie dialogue question help
MrBill Offline
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In reply to:

IMO, too much sub will muddy your center channel when you have it set to "small".

Interesting - many of the movies I watch could have clearer dialog IMHO. Last night I was watching a movie and noticed that the male star's dialog was very muddy and difficult to understand. So remembering this post, I quickly reduced the LFE channel by 10dB. The result was that the dialog seemed more intelligible to me. OTOH, it seems that very few movies have this dialog problem, so I returned the LFE to its original setting. Does anyone have any information from any source, or even a personal opinion suporting the idea that LFE can muddy the center channel sound, resulting in lost dialog?

- Bill

My Home Theater

#52131 - 07/15/04 09:28 PM Re: movie dialogue question help
Ray3 Offline

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Late to the party as usual. Once the setup is calibrated, take the time to write down the settings for each speaker. I have found over time that tweaking the center, the two fronts or the QS8s by a db or two in a given situation makes a big difference. As Alan pointed out, there are are lots of variables in play where the audio is recorded. Nothing wron with a bit of manual intervention from time to time. Having the settings written down allow you to get everything back to where it was as needed.

I am lucky to have the Denon 3803 and MX-700 Home Theater remote. The combination allows me to control each speaker up/down by 1/2 db at a time directly from the remote. Having this control over the sub is just a small slice of heaven. Hope this helps.

#52132 - 07/17/04 05:47 PM Re: movie dialogue question help
BigWill Offline

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I believe when your center is set to small the sub plays both LFE AND the lower frequencies diverted from the center channel. The sub is then amplifying part of the center channel signal and sometimes it just isn't very good at the upper regions of that signal?
I don't know if I'm full of it or not, but I'm glad it worked for you!

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