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#547 - 12/11/01 12:34 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

"And what's communist to do with speaker"
It's repressive, and I would rather not support any of it with my hard earned money.

As for the Axiom reviews on Audioreview, some are legit, some are not. If you can't figure out which one's are and which one's aren't- welll?? As for the people that think Canadian speakers are garbage (yea, right-I haven't seen alot of posts like that at AA) WHO CARES?! They can feel their why about the Canadian speakers, as I can feel my why about Chinese speakers. WHen I view this board to see what is going on with a company I WHOLEHEARTEDLY support ( and yes, I have the products to prove it), I help people out with my experiences. I was VERY leary about buying my M22's, simply because I couldn't hear them. However, I took the leap, and CAN'T believe the quality of sound I purchased for comparartively little money. Comments like yours don't help Axiom, since you can't see a chinese speaker for a chinese speaker- when that company makes 50,000,000,000 or whatever drivers everyday, and Wharfedales and OTHER "budget" speakers are made in China, and you don't see a connection between seemingly indentical drivers, then you are only kidding yourself, and not helping a GREAT company (Axiom) sell what are arguably the best price/performance ratio speakers on the market. I admire Ian not only for his candor, but also for taking the road less traveled in the audio business by selling SUPERB products for REAL WORLD prices- cutting costs AND keeping the MADE IN CANADA label gets my vote and my money any day. EOT

#548 - 12/11/01 02:06 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

OK, I got it. The hudreds diva reviews are lies. Thank for your insightful advise. Wonder why people still buy them and why so many viewers to this thread if the choice is so clear.
I have MT60, vp150 and qs-8 and probably spent more money than you and more qualify to say I support axiom more than you do. EOT

#549 - 12/11/01 03:17 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

I check the Wharfedale pacific speaker line and they do look similiar with diva. But they won 5 star rating from 2 highly regarded British audio magazine, What hi-fi and hi-fi choice. Could be the reviewer are deaf???

#550 - 12/11/01 04:33 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

EOT= End of Topic (I think Tim's going to get Axioms anyway?)

HOWEVER :) , I am glad that you acknowledge that the Chinese speakers are all very similar. As for the Brit mags, GREAT! But, they haven't reviewed Axioms or ? I will grant you they do have decent reviews in those mags- and they also acknowledge the fact that they are chinese speakers. Ask yourself this- with similar Wdales on ubid selling for HUGE percentages off, (list price $1100, sells for $100 each?!! _C'mon) which speaker is the better deal when it comes right down to it. If you can sell a speaker for $100 when the list is $1100, and you STILL make profit, what does that tell you of the quality of the item?

We just have to agree to disagree about the MADE IN CHINA speakers, I guess. If you want the Wdales or Swans, more power to you...that's what freedom of choice is all about! EOT again, at least for me.

#551 - 12/11/01 06:12 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

Tim is here WHEW!!! I got something started or what....HEHEHE! I'm going to A/B the Axiom M60's/VP150/M22's against the Diva 4.1's/C3/2.1's and I'll give my 2 cents after that. I THANK you for the replies! I don't what to spend my money on a "sound" that could be had at the local Walmart, Sears, gas station......(White Van with speakers to sell). I want quality because they might be the last time I buy speakers unless they break or something.... I wish the cabinet VP150 came in the redish color as a standard because I want to take advantage of the "blemished" models to save that hard earned cash of mine! QUESTION: Does the 30 day return also work with the blemished ones????????????? Thanks Again TIM

#552 - 12/11/01 07:19 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

Gee Tim- Look at all the aruguing that could have been avoided if you would have said that in the first place!!! LOL J/K

That is the best solution to figure out what you like the best. I also inquired about the "Blem" axioms, and seem to recall the answer being YES. However, wait for Ian's or axiom's post just to be sure (hint- you may want to post another thread- this one might not get that question answered since it's SOOOO LOOONG). Good luck anyways, and I wouldn't be too surprised if you wound up keeping the axioms.

#553 - 12/12/01 12:55 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?
axiomadmin Offline

old hand

Registered: 03/09/01
Posts: 94
Loc: Muskoka, ON
Wow. Glad to see the post winding down! You were taxing the bandwidth! LOL.

Yes, Factory Outlet ('blems') are available, live on the site! Great deals while they last! Feel free to send me any questions on them -- in a new post :)


#554 - 01/10/02 02:27 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?


To the person who posted their thoughts on Swan vs. Axiom ACTUAL head to head test, PLEASE elaborate here or in another post.... I'm sure your thoughts are entertaining as well as beneficial!

#555 - 01/10/02 06:17 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

Compared the: Swan Diva 4.1's, C3, 2.1's vs.
Axiom M60Ti's, VP150, M22Ti's

OK, I will start with the positives for the Diva's: These are the BEST lokking speakers I have ever seen in person period. And I have seen alot of the Reference level speakers on the market. Except for the plastic molding holding the tweeter on top of the speaker. It really looks out of place sitting on top of that black piano surface top piece. The connector for your wiring on the back are very heavy duty and work like silk. The outside is simple awsome, period....
But at some point you have to turn them on. It is this simple: voices are very "real" like their in the same room with you. I would say maybe 10%-15% clearer that the Axoims. But EVERYTHING else is hard to hear any seperation. The strings,drums,bass all just mush together. I guess this is what you would call a very,very,very laid back sound. The Axioms sounds like everything (voice,strings,drums,bass,tamborines) has it on seperate channel. All with the same level of output. The Axiom sound is maybe just a little forward but has had NO fatiguing effect on the ears. And probably has made me not have to concentrate as hard to hear the details in what I'm listening too.

Also the Diva's have such a high gloss shine to them the stand out in the room instead of blending in like the Axiom finish does.

When A/B testing the Diva's had between 90-105 hours on the and the Axioms had 8-9 hours break-in time.

And it took about 30 sec of music to hear the difference. Actually about 5 sec. I heard a difference immediately. I listened to soft & hard rock, jazz, music from the 60/70/80/90/00's. And the result was the same everytime. I Even had two friend come over and they were on different days. And had them blindfolded and they picked the Axioms EVERY single time for what sounded the best.

And then HT surround sound test I used Titan AE, Matrix, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, Swordfish and the DETAIL of what you hear is SIMPLE clear, louder and I swear that I could even hear things in some of the scenes with the Axioms that were just not their with the Diva's.

I'm sorry that I didn't have a SPL to measure the two at that time but I would say my hears didn't hear a difference at my receivers ref. level output.

I still really pissed about the $348 in shipping. To the point that I tried to talk myself into keeping the Diva's to save that $ but I couldn't keep the second place finisher and send the Axioms back...... Hell I could have bought a sub with that money! Hey maybe Axiom will feel sorry for me and send me a sub to fix my broken wallet......

#556 - 01/10/02 07:05 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

THANKS for posting.... The Axioms are UNBEATABLE for the money, and I was curious as to the head to head comparison. Just for giggles you should have compared the Axioms to the Divas after an equal amount of Break in time! THe end result would have been even more lopsided, I'm sure, as the Axioms get WAY BETTER after about 100 hrs.

Hey, thanks again for your impromptu review!

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