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#56120 - 07/31/04 04:19 PM Comparing Axiom titanium to Jm Lab titanium
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I am looking to upgrade my existing two channel (audio only) system to a 5 or 5.1 channel audio & HT system. I have just ordered an Arcam AVR300 receiver to replace my Accuphase integrated and I'm looking for a speaker system to replace my (2) JM Lab Cobalt 806 speakers. Here's the thing...I love these little JM Lab speakers BUT I want to go to a floorstander to get better bass for movies. If I stay with JM Labs I'd have to go down to their entry level line and I have to admit they just don't do it for me. Not being able to audition these in person before purchasing can anyone compare how the titanium tweeters of the Axioms compare to the titanium inverted dome tweeters from JM Lab? I've heard people say that metal domes (in general) are harsh and/or bright, but I personally like the sound. Any help/opinions will be greatly appreciated.

#56121 - 07/31/04 08:50 PM Re: Comparing Axiom titanium to Jm Lab titanium
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You don't say where you are from.There is a list of folks that own Axiom's in the Question and Comments.Maybe someone there is in your area.

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#56122 - 07/31/04 11:59 PM Re: Comparing Axiom titanium to Jm Lab titanium
Hambrabi Offline
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I can't speak for Axiom or the Focal Chorus line, but I've auditioned the JM Lab Grande Utopia (about $120,000 Cdn) and it's inverted beryllium tweeter, and haven't found anything about it that would make it more or less effective than a standard dome tweeter on other megabuck speakers I've auditioned.

If you're already happy with the 806's, I'd consider an active subwoofer first. It might take a few weeks to tweak the sub placement, volume, and x-over, but you'll usually find that even full range speakers are enhanced with a good sub.

If it means anything, there are NRC measurements of the Chorus 706 on, and it, and the various Axioms, are sonically more neutral than a $24000 Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 7 speaker or $10,000 Krell Lat-2 speaker system. Sucks that more money doesn't mean better sound, huh?

#56123 - 08/02/04 09:21 AM Re: Comparing Axiom titanium to Jm Lab titanium
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the first thing you need to know is money doesn't always buy better sound. I have heard a few JM Lab speakers and I never found they lived up to their ridiculous price tag. Same goes for B & W.

for example, the M80, at $1500 per pair (or something close to that) sound just as good as B & W's that are about $5000 a pair. Only the Nautilus, which start at closer to $8000 per pair, sounded better, and not by THAT much.

My advice to you would be to listen to some M80's and compare that to whatever you are thinking of buying. Try them with a good sub and you will be even more impressed. A sub is essential for home theatre.

Besdies, you can buy the M80's from Axiom and if you don't like them you ship them back and they give you %100 if your money back (minus shipping) if you return them in mint condition within 30 days of your purchase.

Good luck,


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