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#62285 - 12/18/04 02:31 PM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
CosmicVoyager Offline

Registered: 02/01/04
Posts: 789
Loc: Asheville, NC
Me too.
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#62286 - 12/18/04 05:26 PM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
MykeW Offline

Registered: 12/04/03
Posts: 289
Loc: Canada
Me three!


#62287 - 12/19/04 12:48 AM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
bridgman Offline

Registered: 08/25/04
Posts: 5529
Loc: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Are we talking about a follow-up review from lomb7 comparing Rockets to M60s ? If so then add me to the list. There is a gentleman from Oman on another thread who would also probably find the comparison VERY useful since his shipping costs are probably higher than all of ours put together.

#62288 - 12/19/04 12:59 AM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
Ken.C Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/03/03
Posts: 17868
Loc: NoVA
My fingers and "la la la la"s are primed and ready. Bring it on!
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#62289 - 12/19/04 10:02 AM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
Wid Offline

Registered: 06/22/03
Posts: 6725
Loc: The Peoples Republic of Il.
In reply to:

Are we talking about a follow-up review from lomb7 comparing Rockets to M60s ?

Yes thats what I was talking about.

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#62290 - 12/19/04 04:20 PM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
warfer21 Offline

Registered: 10/14/04
Posts: 139
Loc: T. Bay , ON
I have m60's powered by a denon 4802r avr. my system is in a room 20x14x8.5 with laminent flooring, leather furniture and a Christmas tree.

I am expecting a little brightness with this layout, but with the sub and my ability to alter the tone i have not found much of a problem with highs.

But while we wait for the 'new' review by lomb7, I'll run my m60's on pure direct (denon's way of purely running the fronts) and review some music like g'n'r , floyd, ect.

Only for my benefit

with my room and the music I'll choose it should be "bright" what I want to see.... is if I can adjust the tones on the receiver to copensate.....

I WILL be honest, even though i've already stated how happy I am with these speakers.

back shortly......

#62291 - 12/20/04 07:36 PM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
warfer21 Offline

Registered: 10/14/04
Posts: 139
Loc: T. Bay , ON
Yesterday, as I said I would experiment in my house for the betterment of anyone who cares. (btw I am no expert, but I do love my music).

Oddly enough my denon 4802r, when in pure direct ( fronts only.... no video, surround, ect.) did not allow me to adjust the treble or bass. I would have to put it on 2-ch stereo to use the tone adjustment.

I sampled many cd's and some dvd concerts. (i'll only metion a few.) Now let's understand that I am not comparing... I'm only giving my 2 cents to this discussion of no bass and listening fatigue.

The speakers do sound a little bright on "SOME" cd's and mp3's played loud. But on other's the so called brightness was more like clarity. For example on the dvd concert by the eagles, hotel california would send chills down my spine..... the acoustic guitar and the vocals were crisp, clear with no "fatigue" to the ears at all. But an old motley crue, or guns and roses cd the highs were quite noticable. Is this due to the recording technique or the type of music I'm not sure..... A song like expedition sailor, by kim mitchhell, was awesome and the I would not want to lose the clarity of the highs. It seemed to me that the heavier rock music, on cd's or mp3, were the culprits of the the brightness. Music on dvd concerts sounded much better...... maybe there is something to "sacd" and "dvd-a". I wish I had one to listen to because I do have a player. ( but that type of recording is meant for 5.1 not 2.0)

Anyways as far a bass goes there seemed to be alot of it, especially if you listen to music with alot of bass in it.

Off of the pearl jam 10 album the start of "why go" shook the floor boards over here. Motley crue "beauty" off of generation swine literally moved my pant cuffs. There were more but I think you can tell that "I" think there is plenty of bass coming from the m60's.

I have been though moving away from my cd and mp3 collection in favour of the 5.1 concert dvds..... if there were only more good ones.

In conclusion....... I wouldn't want to lose the highs on a great guitar solo like on "shine on you crazy diamond" (Roger Waters in the flesh dvd) but when it comes to hard rock cd's I am definitly adjusting the treble. I may try the 1.8 ohm resistor, but I don't want to lose the highs I just want to tame them.

Does the rocket have a powered woofer? Or just a bigger one? Because if it makes the m60 seem like it has no low end it must really BOOM!

Just my humble opinion, and I'm looking forward to your updated audition on the rocket vs. the m60



#62292 - 12/20/04 09:44 PM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
MykeW Offline

Registered: 12/04/03
Posts: 289
Loc: Canada
Thanks warfer21. I too am finding similar results with my M60's since recieving them a couple of weeks ago. My conclusions are pretty well the same...the M60's will sound wonderful with well recorded music and can be quite nasty with some poor old recordings ( don't understand this...?) or hottly mixed new recordings. Some albums are even a mix, with some tracks sounding great and others not. Given this though I too could never think of parting with the incredible clearity and sweetness that I have experienced with the M60's using a GOOD recording. Its just incredible! From my perspective, I just don't understands people's description of Axiom's as bright, to me they're not bright, they're accurate and detailed. Why throw out the baby with the bath water? Keep the speakers and get a better recording.

I wonder if the same people would call the B&W 703's reviewed here as bright. This quote about the 703's pretty well sums up my experience with the M60's.

In reply to:

The 703s are a very revealing speaker. This is a fantastic attribute, one that some of the best speakers in the world possess. Yet this can be an Achilles heel if the majority of your music collection consists of poorly recorded music. If the best recorded piece of music you own is Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever, you may end up buying a new player along with some new recordings, but isn’t that the idea behind getting a top-notch pair of new speakers?

This has been exactly my experience with the M60's
Given the 703's looks, reputation and price I doubt any would complain about its "brightness". Yet the Axioms, relatively unknown, alot cheaper, and absent from the "High-End" botique dealers gets the label. Hmmmm

Thanks for the input wafer. Cheers, Mike

#62293 - 12/23/04 11:56 PM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
lomb7 Offline

Registered: 08/17/04
Posts: 425
Loc: San Diego
Sorry guys, I know that I have been a slacker of late on my re-review.

I am going to make this fairly short as I do not want to be jumped upon. Again, I have to remind all of you that I am still just a newbie at all of this so please take my comments with a grain of salt. I have also found that audio is like wine. To some a $1K + bottle of wine will not be to their liking where a $20.00 bottle will be great. Listen to whatever you are looking at purchasing even is you have to pay return post.

After Ajax pointed out the mistake I made with my last review I went back and set the M60's to large in 2 cha. Big differance. The base came out like I had not heard it before and it made the listening much more enjoyable. When compaired to the the RS750's, for me, the Rockets still take it. With my new found base in the M60's I have to say that the detail was much more pronounced but I found it a little harsh at other times. With that being said, I am going to move my M60's into a 2 cha setting, keep the RS750's as my living room 2 cha setting and pick up as set of Rocket 850's for my HT.

Guys, all in all I love both speakers. If you asked me to pick one right now I could not. I love the fact that both are direct suppliers, cutting out the middle man and that both make a product far superior then anything in the prce range. I will keep both for a long time and be happy with that choice. Again, do not rely on my review. Please go to someones house and take a listen. If you are too far away or do not have someone nearby then read as much as you can on both forums and go with your heart.

#62294 - 12/24/04 01:40 AM Re: Rocket 750 vs Axiom M60
MykeW Offline

Registered: 12/04/03
Posts: 289
Loc: Canada
Thanks for the effort lomb7, your input is much appreciated!

Your experience to me confirms what I came away with after doing my research...that both are great speakers (and companies) that offer a different listening experience which will appeal differently to different folks.

You're fortunate enough to beable to enjoy both!

Thanks again, Mike

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