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#8396 - 01/27/03 12:24 AM yamaha recievers
pipy Offline

Registered: 01/27/03
Posts: 8
hello all, i am new here and new to HT and i just bought a yamaha rx-v730 receiver and was wondering wat the experts here thaught......... thanks in advance

#8397 - 01/28/03 04:43 PM Re: yamaha recievers
jazzdrummer Offline

Registered: 06/13/02
Posts: 30
Loc: Baltimore, Maryland, US
I have heard that reciever, using the built in DAC's for audio playback (using the digital coax input). We (Avkonen, Bestboy, and myself) listened to the rx-v730 with the M60's (stereo only) and it sounded great. Very clean, clear sound, and seemed to have ample power. The only thing that kept me from buying that unit was the poor FM reception, which is pretty common for most newer receivers. The built-in phono preamp was not anything great, but neither is my record player
I should have qualified first, I am no expert, but I know what sounds good to me. Enjoy your new reciever.

#8398 - 01/28/03 11:25 PM Re: yamaha recievers
headphone Offline

Registered: 01/28/03
Posts: 20
I was looking at the Yamaha rx-v2300 and will probably purchase it with a Axiom Home Theater set up. I have been considering the H/K 525 or the Denon 3800 but these are little pricey for what I need. Any comments!

#8399 - 01/28/03 11:44 PM Re: yamaha recievers
Semi_On Offline

Registered: 09/18/02
Posts: 737
Loc: Scottsdale, Arizona
The top of their low end fair (the best of what you'll find at BB or CC) usually employs discrete amplifiers which is admirable. Their DSP technology is rivaled by NO ONE. It's definitely the best of what you find in low end retail and still worth considering in the slightly higher end. Though the one yamaha receiver I owned had an obnoxious hum on one of the surround channels...

#8400 - 01/28/03 11:57 PM Re: yamaha recievers
jbzngowest Offline

Registered: 07/13/02
Posts: 388
Loc: Mid-south U.S.
I have the 1300 and couldn't be happier. I am more pleased with each new dvd we watch. I've just recently started listening to a few cd's. Have you listened to the 2300 yet?

#8401 - 01/29/03 01:21 PM Re: yamaha recievers
emdub Offline

Registered: 01/20/03
Posts: 7
I have the RX-V2300 and am happy with it. I have it in a large room (24' by 24' or so). Last week it was wired to (2) Boston Acoustic A70 Series IIs (13 years old), (2) M22s, a VP150, and some lousy Cambridge SoundWorks Surround IIs in various configurations. Next week it will be wired to the Boston Acoustics, M22s (as center front or center front and center rear), and (2) QS8s. I should hook up my retired STR-GX700ES and see if I notice a difference in sound quality, but I must admit that I probably wouldn't. I love the has macros so I can turn on/off my entire system with the flip of a switch and press of a button. I was also able to create a truly universal remote through button programming (although it is only useful for myself because I've done some odd programming such as using the Record button to change discs on the CD player).

If your looking at M80s, VP150, QS8s together, you may want to look at another receiver. This unit's switch for low impedence speakers indicate that it will allow it to handle 4ohms front left and right, 6ohms front center, and 8ohms at surrounds. I called Yamaha, because I was looking into buying a 4ohm M&K 750 system and they said it would be fine, though.

I have not read much on this receiver, there's not much info out there on this model. One person at didn't like it because at the $1000 price point it should have had (2) back surround channels and DTS 96/24 5.1. BUT, I paid $725 or so from including shipping, so I guess I did OK. Crazy Eddie is not an authorized dealer so supposedly Yamaha's warrantee is void. Based on the problems I've had with receivers in the, I'll keep the $250 in my pocket. Supposedly Crazy Eddie will cover any warrantee work for me though. By the way, does anyone know why these manufacturers are warning customers that purchases from unauthorized dealers voids their warrantee, yet they still sell to these unauthorized dealers? Must be to keep their authorized dealers happy, I guess.
___________________________________________ M60s/(2)M22s Center/QS8s in Heartland Maple

#8402 - 01/29/03 05:41 PM Re: yamaha recievers
MCodanti Offline
old hand

Registered: 09/20/02
Posts: 96
> By the way, does anyone know why these manufacturers
> are warning customers that purchases from unauthorized
> dealers voids their warrantee, yet they still sell to
> these unauthorized dealers? Must be to keep their
> authorized dealers happy, I guess.

Don't assume the unauthorized dealers are getting them from the manufacturers. If they are unauthorized then that probably means they are getting it from the grey/black market. They may be buying them from an authorized reseller that didn't meet their quota so they had to buy a bunch extra and needed to get rid of them. I have noticed more and more manufacturers only honoring the warranty for the original purchaser, and re-sale of the product voids the warranty. I assume they do it to cut down on costs, and to try to control the supply line/appease the authorized dealers. It, also, helps prevent dishonest resellers from selling grade 'B' stock, remanufactured units, defective returns, etc as new stock with a full grade 'A' warranty.


#8403 - 01/30/03 12:27 AM Re: yamaha recievers
headphone Offline

Registered: 01/28/03
Posts: 20
This a statement from Etronics. We offer only nationally recognized name brand unopened factory fresh products to our customers. Our product managers and marketing specialists work constantly to evaluate and obtain only the best offerings from leading manufacturers. Our goal is to bring you products that represent the best in value, technology, quality, functionality and innovation. We make sure that all the products we sell are backed by comprehensive manufacturer warranties and technical support*. You can rest assured that no matter what you buy from Etronics, you've made a good choice.

*Please Note: We do not adhere to the Yamaha, Denon or Acoustic Research Internet and MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policies, and are not authorized by them to sell their products via the internet. Yamaha, Denon and Acoustic Research products are not included in the statement made in the previous paragraph. However, we continue offering our customers Yamaha, Denon and Acoustic Research products at heavily discounted prices.

#8404 - 01/30/03 01:46 PM Re: yamaha recievers
emdub Offline

Registered: 01/20/03
Posts: 7
This from the Crazy Eddie website:

"Crazy Eddie sells almost all products below the Manufacturer's MAP: the Minimum Advertised Price and thus unless specifically stated we are not an authorized dealer. (If you're interested in learning more about MAP, the Federal Trade Commission's web site has an interesting article about the prerecorded music industry) Crazy Eddie does not sell used, refurbished, or “gray market” goods. Crazy Eddie only sells New merchandise made for the US market in factory sealed boxes."

This is all very interesting to me. So, I called Crazy Eddie and he, well, one of his employees, told me they buy directly from Yamaha and that Yamaha sells to companies like his because "we keep them in business."

One side note, the serial number was removed from the outside of my RX-V2300 box (if I remember correctly). Reminds me of the Levis I used to see at Marshalls (a discount clothing store) when I was a kid--they had the center of the Levis tag cut out.

Also, I have received gray market items from Etronics--Sony Memory Sticks intended for sale in the far east. But at $55 versus $120, I'm not complaining.

___________________________________________ M60s/(2)M22s Center/QS8s in Heartland Maple

#8405 - 01/31/03 09:03 AM Re: yamaha recievers
Saturn Offline

Registered: 10/21/02
Posts: 1041
Loc: Toronto Ontario Canuck
Sounds like it "fell of the back of a truck" to me.
_________________________ new HT


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