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#90330 - 04/13/05 01:13 PM M60s OK with QS4s and VP100?
kyliesdad Offline

Registered: 04/09/05
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OK I think I know that I want M60s. It will stretch the budget a little but the front speakers seem importent so here it is:
temporariliy use my HTIB sub
Will taht be a good system? Are the M60s to much for the other speakers?
I think I'm going to try for the M60s on ebay today, but if I get outbid do they come up for sale there very much? I ard about some discounts here to (b-stock and something else), what would those be? How much?
Sorry for so many questions but I'm running short on time and feeling under the gun!

#90331 - 04/13/05 01:25 PM Re: M60s OK with QS4s and VP100?
richeydog Offline

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Kdad, qs4's and a vp100 should be fine with m60's as long as your room isn't gigantic.

If you set your levels correctly on your receiver the m60's won't overpower the center and surrounds.

B stock items are discounted 10% due to minor flaws/blemishes during a factory run. They haven't been owned by anyone else.

P.S. I sent you a personal message.
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#90332 - 04/13/05 01:31 PM Re: M60s OK with QS4s and VP100?
PaulM Offline

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Loc: St. Albert, Alberta
I'll leave it to others to chime in on the M60's question. But as far as sales go, I don't believe Axiom has "sales" on thier products. What they do have is factory outlet prices for new speakers that have minor to indetectable surface blemishes. The folks on this board that have gone that route report little to no visible blems. They sell for 10% less than the listed price. On top of that when you buy 5 or more speakers they give you another 5% off (total 15%). Being the cheapskate I am, that's the route I went and the stuff just arrived home a couple hours ago so can't tell you my happyness level just yet.

A link to the factory outlet should be on the US and CDN homepage. The wait times listed on the web for each product/colour combo are in reality almost always shorter. By 2 weeks in my case.

Axiom service is unbeatable. If the speakers sound half as good, they will be great.


#90333 - 04/13/05 01:52 PM Re: M60s OK with QS4s and VP100?
tomtuttle Offline

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Hi Kdad,

That would be a great setup. I bought M60's and QS8's through the Factory Outlet (FO) and could not find any problem whatsoever. I actually ran the mains with no sub until I could afford a decent one; the difference now is overwhelmingly wonderful on movies, but much more subtle on music. I really believe in the strategy of purchasing the mains that you know will be satisfying for a long period; it worked for me.
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#90334 - 04/13/05 02:32 PM Re: M60s OK with QS4s and VP100?
thyname Offline

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Loc: Oakton, VA
KyliesDad; If you're looking at used M60s, you can go at where somebody who participates in this forum as well has some boston cherry m60s for $625 AND will pay shipping charges for you. Michael is a very good guy to communicate with - drop him and email and he may accomodate you. Good deal!!!
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#90335 - 04/13/05 03:01 PM Re: M60s OK with QS4s and VP100?
SirQuack Offline
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Axiom does not have sales, however, they do have the Factory Outlet, that most of the people on this website purchase from. Have you checked out the F.O. yet? Click on the "Store" icon at the top of the page, scroll down, and then click on the Factory Outlet link. These are NOT refurbished, or B-Stock. Axiom has a very strict Quality Control process. They claim these speakers may have small cosmetic blemishes, most of us can't find a single mark on them. Also, the are every bit technically sound as the regular priced Axiom's. You get the same warranty, and a 10% off regular prices to boot. Also, if you buy 5 or more items, you get another 5%.

Can't beat that
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#90336 - 04/13/05 03:05 PM Re: M60s OK with QS4s and VP100?
spiffnme Offline

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I'd run the system with no sub, rather than use your old HTIB sub. That'll likely just add muddiness, and very little depth over what the M60's can do very nicely on their own.
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#90337 - 04/13/05 07:00 PM Re: M60s OK with QS4s and VP100?
bridgman Offline

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>>They claim these speakers may have small cosmetic blemishes, most of us can't find a single mark on them.

I was one of those who did find a blemish -- it was like someone pressed their thumbnail hard into one edge of one of the QS8s. It was a great example of an FO defect -- I would have been slightly bummed out if my brand new speakers had even a tiny ding in them, but for even 10% off I'm real happy.
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