I am not sure if I mentioned the fact that I did try different speakers other then my M80's. I tried the Monitor Audio towers with the exact same hum issue.

The system sounds real nice. The preamp portion of the receiver is really great to work with and it's easy to operate and control. It seems to me any of the hum I am getting through when all components are powered, but not in use, is from the amp section, as with the anthem as well.

I am still able to return it, but I wonder if it is really enough to worry about.

I think the only thing that stopped me from purchasing the Rotel was their price. With the system I have right now, I am powering up to 9 channels (with one spare channel in the receiver not being used).

Something else I read on another site;

"The 773 uses the CS493263 DSP the same as the hgier end Onkyo, the 9XXX Marantz, the Rotel receivers and the Rotel 1066.
A lot of the higher end receivers such as the Arcam and others have had reports of hiss. I must reiterate that 3 engineers responsible for the topology of the 773 and 763 have told me no hiss at 00 and no increase in the level fro -74 to about +3 is how it is designed to act. That is it is not a malfunction. They could have made it totally silent but all 3 independently told me the sonic tradeoffs were too great. Engineers are not in marketing and as a matter of fact usually could care a less about marketing so they have no interest in lying. We were talking as engineer to engineer rather than customer to engineer.
If folks can't live with it then they're better off with a lesser but possibly quieter receiver. The choice is easy for me as SQ is all that counts."


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