I spent Friday evening with a friend, Chicago's legendary recording engineer Mack McCortney. I’ve known him for many years. I invited him by to listen to my new Axiom M22s, powered by and Audio Electronic Supply SE-1. Mack brought several CDs he’s heard “too many times” according to him.

Cut to the chase… his jaw literally dropped when he heard the sound of the Axiom speakers. He described it as “the best I’ve ever heard these recordings… better than when I recorded and mixed them.” He praised the soundstaging, the high end, which was incredibly open, but never fatiguing. Also, impressive is the image size. Some first-thought mid-bass muddiness disappeared after the tubes had warmed up, acquitting the speakers.

“These are keepers!” were his final words.

Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about these speakers. I was pleased to have my own opinions verified by a professional, but, as I am a professional coffee critic, I always tell people “it’s how it tastes to you that’s most important”.

Axioms "taste" just fine.

Thanks for the great product, Ian.