Just thoguht I would let people know that the Lemon Law for autos can work, if you are persistant and don't let the dealler bs ya. The 2004 Z that we have had for a year has had to many problems, and the dealer that does the work is not very competent. So after the latest several weeks of attempts at making repairs, I decided I was done with trying to work with that dealer.
I had talked with a lemon law lawyer, and if I wanted to force the issue, I had a good case and would most likely win. So yesterday when I took the Frontier in for its first service, decdied to talk with the manager and my sales person at this dealer ship. To make a long story short, we came to agreement that I was happy with, so it took most of the day, but eventually I drove home a 2006 Z, and late last night, took the 2004 over and left it for them.
Between corporate and the dealer, they decided it was better to work a deal than go to court. Here are a few pics of the new toy, and weather is still good, so drove the 60 miles back home with the top down at 6pm in rush hour traffic.