When I thought I had it all figured out, sh*t happens and my plans have changed. Long story short, my HT room will not be finished any time soon. Probably next fall at best. For your reference, the room Im building is 12 wide and 16 deep with 8 ceilings. Whatever I buy now will EVENTUALLY go to this room.

Ive finally had it with this POS Bose cube system in my loft and am not waiting any longer. Its done!! Finished!! Fired!! But, the loft area is very small and I will need book shelf speakers as I have no room for floor standing speakers. The EP 600 that I wanted in the HT room will defiantly not fit in the loft are either. The loft area is actually a dormer that will one day be a reading area. Its 12 deep X 8 wide. Ive got a 46 TV stuffed up there now along with a couple couches. Quite cramped to say the least. Ill have to go with the EP 500, and even that sub is too big, but I dont want to go smaller.

So, now Im trying to buy speakers for this loft area that I can use later in the HT room. For surrounds, the QS 8s are simply too physically big, so Im thinking about buying a set of QS 4s and then use them as back surrounds in the HT room later. If I do this, will they work OK with QS 8s? The 8s (side surrounds) would be about 4 closer to the screen than the 4s. The 4s would be mounted on the back wall.

For the mains and center in the loft, I figured Id get the M22s for mains and a VP100 for the center (again, space limitations). When I move to the HT room, what do you think about running these in parallel for the center channel? Id place the VP 100 above the screen and the M22s side by side under the screen.

Depending on the cost of wood veneer finish, Ill either use my current set of M80s in this room or buy a set of M60s for the R/L front channels. If I can afford to do it, Ill be replacing my existing M80s with another set with wood veneer and moving the old ones to the HT room.

As much as I wanted the EP 600, I suspect it was overkill for a 12 X 16 room anyway.

Your thoughts and opinions on my latest great friggin ideas above are appreciated.