Hello all, I've enjoyed reading this board the last few months.
My home theatre is almost ready. Just some trim, minor wall repairs to do.
I would just like to know what you think of my choices - good /bad and changes I could make.

So heres my info.......

basement room is 17'3" long X 13'3" wide and 8'5" high
It is a walkout and has a large window to the right middle of the room (this could be a subwoofer sound problem for neighbours).
I wired it with firecode 12 guage wire (green jacket) for 7.1

So to start with....I have almost chosen my Axiom setup

QS8 (4)
Sub EP500 or 350

For the TV, I plan on purchasing Sony's KDSR60XBR1 60" SXRD with stand.

Before Christmas I managed to purchase a ExpressVu 9200. So I have this still in the box waiting for authorization.
DVD - I got the LG-531 upconvert with DIVX support.

Now for a receiver...I would love to get a Denon 4806.
This receiver may blow the budget. Alternative? 3805?

The good news is my wife ordered a couch and recliner that won't be in till late Jan or early Feb. So the Sony SXRD and Denon might drop in price after the Vegas CES show. If I could find a dealer that sells both Sony & Denon I could swing a better deal.