A quick update.

I did order and receive the McCain software and the SAVR2.

First off, if you do buy one of these critters, make sure you’re computer has the right comm. ports. I had to blow another 40 bucks at Radio Shack for a serial to USB cable.

The McMain software requires you to be on-line while it retrieves data from the CD. Another 20 bucks for a 25’ cat 5 cable to reach my nearest LAN connection.

It took about six hours to download all the CD info from 800 CD’s. Not too bad. Unfortunately, the changers only show the album name and not the artist or Genre. The software is too frustrating to figure out how I can change this. Play lists are not automatically populated (not even by artist or genre), you have to do it manually, and it is a down right PITA. Total waste of time and money for my situation.

It also does not automatically download cover art. You have to use a utility program to do this……for every single album, one at a time. F-that!!!

To Bill’s credit, he is VERY responsive and helpful. I’m just not putor’ literate enough to get this software to work the way it most likely could.

The software itself is very basic and not all that user friendly. I don’t recommend it. I’m most likely going to download the new version of Panther’s software. After reading the user’s guide, this software is vastly better and much more user friendly. But at $109, it damn well better be. Bill’s is about half the cost.

At least I know what album is playing by just glancing at the changers, which is a plus. I can also export the data and print.