Iím starting to research projectors. DangÖ..Iíve got a lot to learn. Iíll be sitting about 11í away from the screen, and Iím leaning toward a 106Ē diagonal screen. I think any bigger will be too big. I do not have HDTV available in my area, so DVDís are as good as it gets for me. I donít think HDTV will be available for several years either, as there just arenít enough satalites in the air for Alaska yet, plus the mountains donít help.

I had a budget of $1500 usd, but this review of the Sanyo Z4 has me thinking about upping that number. Figured Iíd see what yíall think.

Hereís the review summery:

General Observations
As time goes on, home theater projectors keep getting better and less expensive. When considered in light of its overall price/performance proposition, the Sanyo PLV-Z4 is among the very best home theater projectors we have yet seen. Not only does it set a new performance standard for 720p projectors in its price class, it is the first LCD projector to truly challenge DLP as the leading technology for home theater video.
Moreover, the challenge is not just on relative price/performance, but on absolute performance. For the PLV-Z4 could be placed side-by-side with the most expensive high-end single-chip DLP projectors that are six times its price and hold its own in head-to-head performance. We dare suggest that in a shoot-out between the Z4 and any of the high-end DLP products wherein the models were not revealed to the audience in advance, the PLV-Z4 might actually be favored by some consumers for its exceptional contrast, deep color saturation, and image sharpness.
Thus we would say this to underscore the point: Currently the PLV-Z4 has a street price of about $2,200. If you are about to lay down $12,000 for a high end single-chip DLP home theater projector on the theory that the more it costs the better it must be, do not miss the opportunity to audition the Sanyo PLV-Z4. The Achilles' heel of single-chip DLP has always been color, and a side-by-side demo with the Z4 will illustrate in convincing terms why LCD is not dead. Heck, you might just save yourself $10,000.

The full review: http://www.projectorcentral.com/sanyo_plv-z4.htm