Hey Folks,

I'd be interested in getting some recommendations from you folks and also find out if anyone else has implemented anything similar to what I have in mind:

I'm putting a 7.1 system (technically, I could go 6.1 or 7.1) in a new room in my house. Room is not terribly large ~2200 cu ft... My wife has eliminated all possibilities of using external speakers so am going with built ins. So the front part of the system will be a pair of W22's and a W100 above the plasma (don't have room below it - does that matter?). The issue is that I really don't have any room what-so-ever for wall speakers for the 3/4 surrounds so they have to be ceiling mounted. Since axiom doesn't provide in-ceiling speakers I'm interested in some recommendations for in-ceilings that would be a good match for the axiom's up front. I suppose I could potentially use the w2's and mount them downfiring from the ceiling - but that sounds a bit crazy to me and I think it would look a bit odd...

Thanks for any info you can provide.