I joined the Axiom fraternity yesterday when I received my slightly modified 5.1 system. I got four M80ti speakers, one VP150 center speaker, and one EP600 subwoofer. They are being powered by a Denon 3805 AV receiver.

I know it has been only 24 hours, but the speakers do sound very good right out of the box. The Denon 3805 has no problems driving the four 4-ohm M80ti's and the 6-ohm VP150. Jean-Claude at Axiom had assured me over the phone that the Denon is powerful enough to handle the 4-ohm speakers even though their manual refers only to 6 and 8-ohm speakers.

I have read some of the recent postings about the EP600. I was wondering if members here have recommendations about the subwoofer settings to get deep bass without shaking the foundations of the house! I know a certain amount of experimentation will be needed before I get perfect bass.


P.S. When I move into my basement HT next year, I will get a pair of QS8's to have a 7.1 channel audio system. Also on the wish list - the Earthquake Cinénova Grande Seven-Channel Amplifier (300wpc x 7).
4 M80s/VP150/EP600/Denon AVR-5308 & DVD-2910/
2 QSC SRA3622(1100wattsX2)/Carvin 1800HD(600wattsX2)