So, I've been reading related sub EQ posts on this forum, and I've done some searching over the last few days on the subject as well. I'd like to ask a few remaining questions I have to the very helpful folks here.

I finally managed to save enough for my favourite sub ever, a Velodyne MiniVee (actually, 2 years ago when it became my favourite sub ever it was the SPL-800 II, but whatever...). I really like tight bass and don't care much for ultra low extension, nor do my neighbors. It sounds great in my room with M22s, but I find I need some equalization, particularly to calm a large peak around 65Hz (which, incidentally, seems to be right about where a large portion of the bass in Beck's Hotwax seems to be).

My options at this point are:
1.) a device specifically designed to equalize a sub in home audio like the AV123 R-DES
2.) a device that, while not specifically designed for home audio, can be used for sub eq, like the BFD or similar
3.) a receiver upgrade to one which has auto-eq capability
4.) just step up to the new SPL-800 with auto-eq

First question, am I missing any options?

From a cost perspective, I like options 2 and 3. Option 1 will run me at least $400, which is the same as the cost to me of Option 4. considering it took me 2 years to get to $800 to even buy the sub, I can almost rule those options out.

I don't mind taking time to learn how to calibrate a BFD or some other parametric eq, but I don't know what the implications would be of using pro audio (as distinct from home audio) equipment to solve my problem.

Second question, in the experience of those who have used pro audio equalizers to tame their sub responses, are there any undesirable effects introduced by these units such as noticable noise or a reduction of bass definition?

Option 3 would be nice, since I would be gaining much more than just sub eq with an upgraded receiver. I currenty run a Yamaha RX-V730 which I'm very happy with. I notice that the Yamaha RX-V757 has auto setup with, supposedly, 7-band parametric eq on each channel (though still unsure about LFE).

Third question, has anyone used an auto-eq (or manual, whatever) setup of any receiver that successfully tamed a bumpy response from the LFE channel? If so, are you otherwise happy with the receiver?

Thanks to all who read this, and thanks in advance for any suggestions!