well,i finally had enough of everyone making me jealous with their hdtv talk and figured it was time to jump in,so ,being cheap i decided to go the crt route and picked up a hatachi 65f710
its not the latest and greatest out there,but its definetly no chump .dvds and hd cable signals look awesome-even better than i was hoping for.regular cable is pretty good,but i have to say it(reg cable) looks better on my tv than my buddys 4000 dollar sony,i dont know why but it does
the salesworm tried to tell me that i wouldnt be happy with this tv so i told him to beat it and ordered it from another salesperson right in front of him.
it was only 1743.00 delivered and set up(308 lbs...i took the delivery)60 bucks well spent...
anyway if you dont have a ton of cash to spend on a new hdtv set dont shy away from crt rptvs you can pick up something really nice for a few bucks