I just watched this on my Dorm System.

What can I say, I really liked the movie. Some find it to be really weird, but I thought it was entertaining.

I also think it does a fantastic job of utilizing surround noises and sound effects. There are tons of "fly around you" stuff. Usually, I have to turn my surrounds up because I enjoy louder surround effects. For this movie, I didn't. There were also tons of impactful fight scenes and so forth. Lots of high twangs and low thuds with each punch and hit. Sure, other movies have their moments, but during the whole movie there are "dude, that was sweet" moments. Plenty of couch-shaking resonences during the entire movie.

Just thought I'd lend a recommendation for a great movie to demonstrate your HT. My friend was like, "Woah, that sounded better than most of the theaters I've ever been to."

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