Gott'a love this.. Electronic gear, music and movies, and adult beverages, all on the same site.. Too cool..
So, can we get someone to put together a list of all the better brews and suggestions that have been listed ?
Isn't it kind of interesting, as one can grows older (I didn't say necessarily wiser) one begins to slow down and enjoy the simpler pleasures life offers ? Such as a fine painting, a well writen book, a great movie, and of course, the perfect potation to complete the moment.. Ahhhhhhh....
Here's a funny thing.. I find myself sort of role playing with a lot the movies I watch these days.. We have the sound, the picture, why not the taste ??
If it's a old murder mystery type, I'll have scotch/rocks.. If a action movie, beer, but imported or made by the same country as the primary role in the movie.. Following me here ? James Bond, you guessed it, "Shaken, not stirred".. French/wine, cowboy/wiskey, Greek/Oyzo, etc, etc..
Next time you drop in Hunt for Red October, be sure you pour yourself a shot of Vodka.. I mean, Waadka..
LFE ! The rest is just details..