Huntington Beach sounds pretty nice right now - it is an even 100 degrees outside right now in Corona. My favorite Mexican beers are the Dos Equis Brown and Green, Bohemia, and I reckon Negra Modelo is OK. If you like Corona (the beer) you probably won't like most of the beers these guys have been mentioning. Try some of the Czech pilseners you will find at Hi-Time, some are just awesome on a hot day - nice balance of malty sweetness and fine hop bitterness. Of course, German lagers are usually excellent. The best of those I ever had was Kulmbacher Reichelbrau on tap. Haven't seen it in years, though I haven't really been looking. Bavarian wheat beers are always nice on a hot day (Weihenstephaner is a good one, but you can't go wrong with any of them). Lastly, try Lindemann's Framboise. Its a Belgian beer fermented with raspberries (3.99 at Trader Joes).