Gotta love those wacky Belgians. We have a Framboise on special occasions (like New Year's eve) instead of champagne. It's so pretty, rich, and effervescent. But the Lindeman's is quite a bit sweeter than most Lambics. Stale hops, wild yeast, wood, fruit... and still a beer. Love it.

I like the Bohemia best of the Mexican beers by a wide margin. But, especially on draught, you can successfully argue that the best Vienna lager in America is a Mexican beer (Dos Equis Amber).

I thought I posted earlier, but must have spazzed out....

Wanted to thank you all for the bourbon suggestions. I've been devoted to Maker's Mark for many years, but will expand my horizons as you've outlined and as the local gov't outlet allows.
bibere usque ad hilaritatem