well after having a few problems with ups, my outlaw 990 and 7125 arrived, since im not great with words i will include a link to this review and say that i agree with everything that person has written http://processors.dblattman.com/ht_docs/990.htm
this outlaw is replacing a yamaha rxv 2500 and i have axiom m60 vp150 ep500 and qs8's
item's were well packaged which is good because it looks like ups almost tried to break them from the look of the box's
i like the look of these componets, black with a few silver nobs, the display is a little small though and i find it hard to read at 6 feet and almost immpossible to read at 12 feet , which is my normal listening position
well for my own review i do not own any pro testing equipment so i could only go by my own ears
so i watched two tv episodes i had on dvd ( battlestar galactica new series- firefly) once with just the yamaha 2500 once with the yamaha and the amp and once with the amp and 990
-the yamaha on its own sounded like it always did of course
-adding the amp to the yamaha was definitly an improvement my first thought was yes i do have nice surounds ,the voices coming out of the vp150 were also a little clearer, well i was pleased and thought at first this would be all i needed for an upgrade but since the 990 was here , what the heck i'll give it a try
-with the 990 and the 7125 i got a definite wow feeling , it wasnt so much what i was hearing it was all the new things i was hearing that i never heard before, the crackle rubbing sound of leather uniforms, the sound of horses running - not the pounding of hooves so much but the sound of rocks and pebbles being thrown around by the horses hooves
the sound of space ships panned very well around the sound stage with a definite force that was not there before
actors voices sounded much more life like, i had more of the "im in the room with the actors" kind of a feeling ( does that make sence)
a huge improvement with music, there is just no comparison the yamaha was hollow and the 990 produced very life like sounds - hard for me to describe
well as you can tell im going to keep the outlaw 990 and 7125 the fact that it comes with a five year fully transferable warrenty is just icing on the cake
the outlaw is definitly a good match with the axioms, anyone sitting on the fence i say " go for it "