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What do you guys play?

it depends on what mood we are in..

the majority of the time(75%), we play standard no limit hold'em.. it cracks me up that this particular game has gotten sooooo big here in the last 2 years, and i have been playin it since i was a kid(literally). when i was in elementary, we used to play it with M&M's.. my dad was a big card player, so i grew playin poker, gin, spades, hearts, rummy, and then learned uecker once i got into the army. i cant remember a family gathering when we didnt have some sort of card game going.. anyway, got off track..

we usually play no limit hold'em, but often just do dealer choice. 5 draw, 7 stud, mexican sweat, omaha, etc.. and my buddies like to roll dice, but i aint into that..

we just have fun, and keep the money at minimums.. but, saturday, we had 7 guys show up to play, and it was payday, so they wanted $20 dollar buy in, winner take all.. i got some good cards, and 4 hours later, i was victorious.. i ended up buying more beer and pizza for everyone, and then watched the rest of them roll dice the rest of the night. they were mad cause i wouldnt roll with them and let them get their money back.. boo-hoo..!! they know i dont roll the bones!