well, i got good news and bad news.. the good news.. my wife called me at work yesterday and said that she had some free time and that she would go ahead and go to the grocery store.. YEAH!!! i was very happy that i wouldnt have to be going. now, the bad news.. i didnt get one of the beers from the lists ya'll gave me.. i did however, tell her to get me a six-pack of "whatever".. she laughed and said, "are you sure?".. i assured her that beer was beer, and the chances of her picking a bad one were very small.. after she got home, and we were unpacking our bags, i saw that she got me the mexican beer Bohemia. she knows i like mexican beer(sampatico, dos equis, tecate, negro, and more), so she thought i would like it. she also stated she liked the bottle cause it had a very bold, distinctive design. so does a plasma TV, but ya dont see her going out and pickin up one of those..

anyway, the beer was warm, so i didnt get to drink one last night.. i will have a few this evening, and give you my impressions. i am well versed with mexican beers, so hopefully this one will stand up to the others i have tried.

i HAVE written down the beers that ya'll have suggested, and i WILL give them a try..