OK, i had a couple of the Bohemias last night during the debate, and i really liked them. a lot of people use lemon slices in mexican beer, i didnt..

i dont know all the 'proper' terms for analyzing beer, but i will do my best. upon opening, the Bohemia did have a somewhat 'skunky' smell that is common with lots of mexican beers. although, it was not as strong of a smell as i have experienced with others. the taste was mildly firm, but not bold. there was more flavor on its way down, other than when first entering the palate. it had a very, very mild bitterness to it, not at all sweet. and the afterbite was pretty firm, just enough to remind you that you had just drank a pretty solid beer.

overall, i liked the Bohemias, but have tasted better mexican beers. it was good, but not my favorite. i would definitely recommend it to anyone, and think it would go great with a big plate of enchilidas w/beans and rice!!

EXTRA-- i almost forgot.. there was a good thing and a bad thing. the bad is, there is a foil covering that goes from about half way up the neck, and covers over the top of the cap. its no biggie, but when you pop off the cap, it leaves little foil strands that you have to peel back. this is nothing more than a mild nuesence, but i did get a piece of foil in the bottle, and that made for an almost 'spittake'.. the good thing is, the shape and neck design of the bottle make for a smooth and quick pour of the beer. no guggling or back-splashing. i found myself finishing each beer with 4-5 swigs.

thats all.. i know kinda lame, but i tried.. i will buy a different 'new' beer next week, and post my thoughts!!