I'm not the beer-tasting Police. I just want bigjohn (and everyone else) to enjoy their beers.

And I also don't want to disappoint bigwill.

Pouring the beer into a glass yields greater opportunity to discern more flavor. Most of the nuanced flavors you perceive actually come from your sense of smell, so releasing those compounds (instead of keeping them literally bottled-up) makes it easier to fully experience the beverage. Likewise, especially with styles that are inherently more carbonated, pouring the beer into a glass releases some of the carbonation, thus dissipating the CO2 "bite" on your tongue, which not only tames the perception of bitterness, but also allows you to more easily perceive other flavors on the palate.

Got a case of that Deschutes Jubelale at Costco. Life is good.

Also had a Hoegaarden Wit beer a couple days ago. It was subtle and wonderfully complex. The coriander and curacao were not individually identifiable, but mingled with the yeast to provide the rich and distinctive flavor I'd missed for too long. It was fizzier than I remembered. Unique color, too.
bibere usque ad hilaritatem