OK, heres my reviews or thoughts on the new beers.

first, i tried the Corsendonk Abbey Pale Ale. upon opening, i smelled the cork, and it almost smelled like wine, kinda fruity. i poured it slowely into my wide mouthed beer stein, and immediately noticed the BIG, white head. this beer had a huge head, that was full and soft, almost like a cloud. the beer color was rich golden color, with a tinge of cloudy from the yeast. it had a very rich aroma of fruit. and the taste, was very similar. it was mildly fruity, with a hint of spice. not too bold, but enough to arouse your taste buds. aftertaste was slightly sweet, not bitter at all. which was a surprise, because most other pale ale's i have drank, had a bitter aftertaste. this wasnt the case with the corsendonk. i DID swirl the yeast off the bottom on the last pour, which made it cloudy, but that last glass was a real kicker. almost like a liquid meal, very full, rich, and hearty. i would drink it with a meal, but almost prefer it alone, as to not have anything to interfere with its flavor. overall, i thoroughly enjoyed the corsendonk. 8.5 outta 10.. very good, will drink again.

and then there was the Chimay Premiere Red. i was most looking forward to this beer, cause i have a soft spot for dark, amber beers. i was not disappointed. the Chimay had a good head, and the color was deep amber, beautiful. slightly cloudy from the yeast, but perfectly acceptable. the aroma was even more bold than the corsendonk. strong scent of hops and yeast, with a hint of fruit. flavor and texture were devine. it seemed to swirl around the taste buds, almost creamy. and the flavor was also bold and hoppy, and stayed strong in the mouth. the light fruity flavor would come and go as the creamy, malty texture passed with a hint of bitter at the end. as before, i 'swirled' the yeast in the last cup, and it was supreme. murky and cloudy, bold and strong. very delicious and truly satisfying. i think i can say it was one of, if the THE, best beer i have drank. i was very pleased and ready for another. 9/9.5 outta 10.. very delicious.

and i will say that after these two 750ml bottles, i had a decent little buzz. i had a warmth radiating from my chest to my arms. very filling. these were both spectacular beers, with the Chimay Red getting a slight advantage. at $7.25 a bottle, its not something i would drink every day, but definitely a holiday or special event kinda beers. i now have the 'bug' to wanna go try ALL those different beers that i never tried before. i will be branching out to try an IPA, and the Duval. hopefully, i can get my hands on a Chimay Blue.. thats supposed to be good also.

thanks ya'll for all the help and suggestions. i am looking forward to my future journeys into the unknown.