Excellent info in this latest barrage of posts here...
The reason I say so is that I was eyeing a bottle of the Edition 2004 in the store yesterday and I thought I'd pick it up later this week. From what I hear I may have to go pick a few bottles up today

What I did pick up was some Stone Ruination, Stone's 8th Anniversary, and Bear Republic XP Ale. Drank the XP (eXceptional Pale) last night and I was impressed although it was not what I was expecting. It was incredibly well balanced, very clean and crisp but with fairly complex flavor. Essentially a mild malt undertone with evident but subdued hop character. A nice golden color, not a particularly noteworthy head but nothing I would take marks off for. Again though, very well balanced and drinkable. A pale ale any lager drinker could appreciate.
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