peter- thanks for telling me a little about you night of beer and friendship at the tornado. and thanks to adam for the 'rank by taste' chart.

and funny you should mention the ommegang three philosophers. i had asked my wife to get me a proper duvel glass for my birthday(which was saturday), and she got me a whole set of 6 glasses from the ommegang brewery, which can be seen here.. all of the glasses have the markings for the particular beers made from ommegang, one being the three philosophers. i was real happy that she got me the set, but now i am wanting to try the beers, and the website says that they can only ship the beers within state lines(NY). so, unless my liquor store can get some, i might be out of luck. all of the ommegang beers got good reviews on, and i figure since i got the official glasses, i need to give them a shot. BTW- i will also use the wide-rimmed three philosophers glass to drink my Chimay..