just a sidenote to my new collection of glasses i got for my B-day. two of the 6 had small chips in them, one on the bottom, and one on the top lip. i was surprised cause they were packed VERY well, and they are fairly thick glass. anyway, i called the ommegang company this morning to see how this could be fixed. i wasnt expecting a return on the one that was chipped on the bottom, but i expected them to replace the one that was chipped on the top. the guy i talked with was totally cool, and offered to replace them free of charge. so, my 2 new(and hopefully unchipped) glasses are in route, and should be here in 10-14 days.

it was nice to have a place give great CS. when dealing with axiom, you get used to it.. but, the treatment is not always the same elsewhere. so i give 2 thumbs WAY UP to the ommegang brewing company!!

EDIT- Engine Joe, i asked the guy on the phone if he has any distrubutors in texas, and he said no. the closest dist. he had to texas was arizona or mississippi. so, looks like i wont be getting any ommegang products til i decide to leave the state. unless someone in NY might be able to send me some.. gee, i wish i new someone in NY? man, that would be great......


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