I try not to repeat myself, so I haven't been posting to this thread. Have missed it, though. Thanks for the bump and the contributions. I enjoy this part.

Finally got around to a Unibroue Edition 2004. Lovely.

Had a really great Hacker-Pschorr Fest bier. Surprisingly good, considering it was in a bottle.

Great local beer from Georgetown Brewing in Seattle called Manny's Pale Ale. Not widely distributed, but a super clean and drinkable American Pale.

Still loving Pike XXXXX Stout. Julie made me some ice cream with it the other day (subbed that for the Guinness in the original Emeril recipe). It was good, but we're going to keep working on the recipe.

I'm jealous of Peter and bigwill. Good call on the Framboise. What time should me and the missus stop by? She loves that stuff. Lindemans makes REALLY sweet lambics, but they are wonderfully intense and very approachable.
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