had a few bombers of some new flavors last night.

Stone India Pale Ale- 6.9% alcohol. i have found that i just dont like the flavors of most pale ale's. this one was no different. it pours a rich orange color, with a nice creamy head. fruity and herbal aroma, with strong hopps. thick texture, but not too thick. very vivid flavors through out, but hint of bitterness over the whole thing. alcohol kicks in on the swallow, with the classic pale ale dryness at the end. a bold and hearty drink, that is just not my cup of tea. but, for those who prefer IPA's, this one might be right up your alley. 5.5 out of 10.

Rogue Shakespeare Stout- 6% alcohol. my first swary into a true stout.. and as above, i just dont think i am a fan of this type of beer. it pours thick and black, non-transparent with a slight creamy brown head. much busyness in the aroma. smoke, chocolate, coffee, and nuts. and flavor much the same. get an initial sweetness, then aggressivly bitter coffee and a bold smokey aftertaste. the beer had a thick creamy texture, almost like a milkshake thats melting. once again, not my cup of tea. but, for those who like stouts, might be worth your time. just not a favorite of mine.. 5 out of 10.

this was my first time to get 2 beers that i didnt really care for. i certainly wouldnt call them bad, just not the type of flavors i prefer. both were a little too bold for me, and seemed too busy with flavors. and the pale ale's have that bitter dryness at the end that give me 'beer face'. i hope to get some more later in the week and hope for the best.