More questions based on the TV coming and possible room arrangment...

I could potentially arrange the room so the TV is on the big wall and the main viewing area is about 8 feet back, which should be good for a 50-60" TV. One side has a wall for the QS8, but the other side would be the opening into the room, so there is no wall there to mount the other one. I can't really do a ceiling bracket, since the speaker would be hanging down from that above you as you walk into the room. Even if I would go for it, I know that one would not pass WAF.

There is however, a small back wall that the speaker could go on. It is pretty open to the right side of the speaker and sound would project in a direction I don't really want it go.

First I'm wondering how it would be to have one side and one rear surround. I could potentially do both rear instead, but I know they should really both be on the side.

I've just got different ideas going through my head trying to make this all work. Moving the TV to the big wall would allow for a bigger enterainment center, with room to store DVD/CD's (something my wife complained about not having with some of the smaller two shelf, just enough room for A/V equipment stands I was looking at).

As of now, if we leave the room configured the way it is, we'll be about 11 feet from the TV and will be getting a 50". We will need to get a stand as well as some type of shelf unit for the big wall to store CD/DVDs.