As I'm continuing to refine the details of my soon-to-be-built media room, another detail has arisen: wall plates or not? Or more specifically, I realize that they are nice aesthetically, but will they affect sound quality significantly? While they theoretically will degrade the signal by introducing additional connections, does it make a practical (audible) difference? I'm thinking of having wall plates in both the equipment closet and the media room, so that a typical audio signal will go like this:

receiver -> 12ga wire -> wall plate -> 12ga wire (in wall) -> wall plate -> 12 ga wire -> speaker

Wall plates would be great b/c the media room is going to be prewired by the builder, and I'm still not sure exactly where I'll want to place my speakers. Parts Express seem to have good prices on what I'd need.

How about video wall plates? I was thinking of putting a wall plate with connections for HDMI/component/S-video on the front edge of my riser, to faciliate connecting a video game console. Does introducing a pass-through connector affect the video signal appreciably? DVI Gear seems to have some nice wall plates also.

I tried searching for previous posts on wall plates, and there were only a handful. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. Thanks.