You know, Ken, I had been thinking the same thing. I was concerned that the "what are you listening to" thread may overtake the beer thread in posts, but certainly not in content value.

We have already established your soft spot for Belgian beers, so don't try to peddle that "I don't drink beer" schtick.

Okay, ObBeer.

I recently conducted my annual Oktoberfest tasting, including Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr and Paulaner. I loved getting a nice, fresh case of the Spaten at Costco, and have enjoyed it very much. But, to me, the Paulaner still can't be beat.

My latest beer love is Session Beer, from our fine friends at Full Sail in Hood River, OR. It comes in 11 oz stubby bottles and a decidedly non-micro white box. Very unassuming. I did not, at first, know it was from my favorite employee-owned brewery. What a splendid and refreshing beer! It reaffirmed my faith in the notion of a subtle yet satisfying American beer. This is what BudMilloors could have and should have been - an all-malt, pre-prohibition lager. Dangerously drinkable yet a surprisingly deft expression of the brewer's craft. It also has Rock / Paper / Scissors game on the underside of the caps. Very highly recommended.

I miss bigjohn and bigwill.

I've also had a couple of big (9%+ alcohol), sweet Polish porters lately. Too many consonants in weird places for me to remember the names. Fun and interesting beers from an unexpected source.

So, what are you drinking tonight?

bibere usque ad hilaritatem