BOTH of my brand new, expensive, M-60 VaSSAllo speakers arrived damaged, despite the boxes being intact.

Axiom looked at the pictures and said that it wasn't their fault. One of them had a gouge on the bottom corner, and the other had a small nick on top. There was ZERO damage to the outer and inner box, but still Axiom says the damage must have happened somewhere in shipping and to compensate me they are sending me a "touch-up" pen. *twirls finger above head*. I guess I was hoping they would compensate me in some way- like maybe a gift certificate or some free speaker wire or something, but oh well I'll just paint my speakers and smile. They also offered to repair them if I sent them back, but that would have been WAY too much hassle for me, so I chose door #2 and took the touch-up paint.

They sound awesome so that's what really matters, I guess.