You guys make my day.

Mark, it really should be "Old Bastard"; many barleywines preface the marketing name with "old". However, since they liberally use gargoyles in their marketing and they also have a special release Stone Vertical Epic beer that is designed to be cellared for some years, I guess they didn't want to confuse us.

Peter, I think you will have trouble. It was available at my local shop for only a short time. I have not checked at Bottleworks in Seattle yet, but I'll let you know if I am fortunate there.

We also enjoyed a Lozen Boer, which was new to me. It is a Belgian farmhouse/trippel (they label it as "Abbey Style", but it is not from an abbey, and did not really express the highly phenolic yeast associated with most trippels). Very rustic, rich and enjoyable. I bought it because it said on the label - appropos of nothing - "the legend of the cow smuggler".
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