Here we go, full circle. I think this may have been the first question I ever asked...

Annnnyway... after this episode with the TiVo, I want to get a UPS for my stuff. I am not interested in discussions about sound quality. This is purely for surge/brownout/whatever protection.

My H/K 525 says it draws 250W at idle, 1040W at max, TiVo's 40 W, DVD Changers 25 W. I'm not even thinking about protecting the TV. So the question is, should I really worry about protecting anything but the TiVo? At 1040W, the H/K pushes the price/specs for the UPS into the stratosphere--TrippLite seems to recommend 2200VA units, which start around $800. If I wanted to spend $800, I would have just stopped screwing with the TiVo and bought a Series3.

So, any suggestions? Any electricians/electrical engineers out there?

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